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Needless to say, Summoner has a lot of spells. It is 0nly available for cast following the end of Dreadwyrm Trance. At Lv. It is not possible to obtain enough Spell Speed for a 10th GCD. Note: Extra DoT hardcast pairs in addition to the core cycle will result in an initial loss of 350p when compared to the potency of 2 Ruin III GCDs (400p-50p) before accounting for any losses from losing buff snapshots. Cross Class Skills. Once DWT ends, you can use Summon Bahamut which will temporarily put away your summoned egi and replace them with Demi-Bahamut for 20 seconds. Every 2 minute cycle will have 1 Bahamut phase. Summon II. For all the rotation information, videos & nuances regarding Bahamut click here. Never use an Egi Assault as the instant GCD just before FBT as this risks not only ghosting the damage of the Egi Assault but losing a Ruin IV proc entirely. Guides are works of opinion. If you're not familiar with the concept, you can see my guide here - or put shortly, it just means you need to be able to comfortably use two oGCD abilities after using an instant GCD and before the GCD cooldown ends. INT > Critical Chance > Determination > PIE > Spell Speed > VIT *These may vary slightly from patch to patch, or by personal preference. These spells have an entirely different effect based on which pet is summoned, but each one will cause your pet to use a special ability when pressed. Summoners love Crit. By ending early not only are you getting Deathflare into a full buff window, you are also beginning your next Bahamut phase before buffs disappear. Because it has less than half the damage of Ruin 3, it shouldn't be used on less than 3 targets. In order to effectively use them all when neccessary, you must double weave fairly often. Many parts of playing Summoner well are not immediately apparent and come as the result of community members doing a lot of research and experimentation to discover the best uses of our abilities. The entire rotation looks something like the following image, over a span of about 1.7 minutes. Comprehensive (E5S) Ramuh Savage Guide. Your Trance spells also reset the cooldown of Tri-D, making it immediately available again. Example Sequence: Energy Drain (ED) to FBT (Triple Weave method). Given that I've been able to achieve 90-99th percentile parses with this information, I generally believe it to be more than good enough to get you to the point you know how to ask the right questions to improve further.If you've studied this guide and put these ideas into practice but are still coming up short, I strongly recommending coming over to the #smn_questions channel on The Balance discord server for help. It's nothing special but it does add up. Note: DWT no longer provides a 10% bonus to magic damage while active. For the standard 6th GCD Summon opener DWT there will be 3 GCDs in the Trance before ending with Deathflare into Summon Bahamut. Summoner, along with Red Mage is a DPS that can revive other players. Akhmorning’s Optimisation section has been created to help with tried & tested methods. This means that there will be 4 charges to use. This is where fight specific advice comes to play where after brainstorming & much trial & error we learn through our experiences for what works out better. Summon Skills. Now that you have an understanding of the core concepts of the job, it's time to get down into the details so you can play it at a high level. guide. We can be more lax with the 8 WW goal when multi-target scenarios are at play, however, we should always strive to maximise our WW output where able to do so. — Summoner. It's important to remember that these new DoTs applied by Bane will only do 60% of the damage they normally do - so it's not always desirable to spread with Bane in a 2-target situation. Additionally many of your spells and abilities rely on a pet to activate. Unlike previous iterations of Summoner where DWT would be used at least once per minute, in Shadowbringers there will only be 1 DWT every 2 minutes due to it sharing a cooldown with Firebird Trance (FBT). However it also has some differing effects: While Demi-Phoenix is active, each time you cast a damaging GCD it will attack the same target with Scarlet Flame -. … FFXIV FF14 Summoner Guide Read More » The Firebird Trance phase wants 1-2 Ruin IV stacks ready to use depending on the method chosen. Hopefully our Arcanist Leveling Guide helped you out. I would say check out the 4.0 guides on the side bar of the subreddit to get a good idea for the rotation. After this phase we return back to the Dreadwyrm Trance phase resuming the 2 minute cycle loop. It will also end DWT immediately when it is cast and thus should rarely be used any sooner than 1 second before DWT would end naturally. You will rarely use these other than Sic, but I recommending keeping Place on your bar as well - it can be helpful to re-align your pet's position for fights with extreme movement, such as Eden 3 - Innundation. Instant 3s - 0y Summons a support-type pet to fight at your … You want to re-up your aetherflow on cooldown. Fountain of Fire replaces Ruin 3 during Firebird Trance. Since Tri-D does a large amount of damage and instantly resets your DoTs, this is an extremely important mechanic that should not be overlooked. Devotion is the third and final combat ability that affects your pets. This is not a community collaborative guide. Enkindle Bahamut can be used twice during the time Demi-Bahamut is active. =Macros Shadow Flare /macroicon "Shadow Flare" /ac "Shadow Flare" This places your Shadow Flare directly under your target, increasing speed and accuracy of using Shadow Flare.. Unified Pet Control /pac Heel /pac Place /pac Obey; Usage: No Target: Pet will return to you. Ruin 3 is the bread and butter spell of the Summoner job. Repeated use of this would further cause our Trances & DoTs to desync from everything, while further causing us to clip DoTs. Allowing the Filler phases to continue past the cooldown timers of DWT and FBT (exclusion being the 1st FBT) will in turn cause your future Trance usages to be delayed, and this is not an ideal situation. Following the opener comes the most important concept to understand for 5.10 Summoner: A key concept for Summoner is timing Miasma III & Bio III DoTs appropriately. The first type of pets are your Carbuncles or Egis - these pets should be summoned when you begin a fight or dungeon and will never go away permanently unless you die - then they must be resummoned. Using an Egi Assault instead has a considerable risk to ghosting the pet action due to the very limited time the pet has to resolve the action before despawning in order to summon Demi-Phoenix. This makes sense, especially with what it takes to summon Demi-Bahamut...So, this is the rotation I came up with. There are situations where we will want to deviate from these timings & choose to accelerate FBT for AoE, killtime or downtime reasons, however, these are exceptions to the rule & are discussed as fight specific advice. Instead there are 3 GCD use cases to be aware of for each Firebird Trance method: From the above we know that the Triple Weave & Hold methods use 1 Ruin IV while the Single Weave method uses 2 Ruin IVs, although using an Egi Assault instead of the first Ruin IV in the Single Weave method is acceptable. During this time, you can also cast Enkindle Phoenix. Upon entering DWT the following benefits happen: The last change allows for DWT to be a cooldown for mobility & extra weaving space. These should be immediately applied to any enemy that will be alive for ~15 second or more and never allowed to expire. During FBT, you should cast FoF followed by BoP back and forth, weaving your oGCDs like Enkindle Phoenix in between them. 15 Ability. Trance cooldowns at 55s will be confusing to inexperienced players. The main rotation problems arise when downtime is thrown to the mix where figuring out how to adapt more optimally can be tricky. It's not even worth it to keep it on your bar. Summoners however should not be expected to hold Phoenix for better healing windows. The Dancing Plague (Extreme) Raid Strategy Guide About the Balance Contact Us Discord FAQ The guides contents are owned by the authors, and we take no responsibility for any of it. The above information is how to play SMN optimally as I understand it. SMN isn't really a rotation, it's a priority system. At the tail end of the Bahamut phase a charge is gained for EA1 & EA2 each with the next pair of charges being gained around around the next Energy Drain timing at ~x:01. For repeated cycles, this will eventually align for 3 minute raid buff windows including our own Devotion. There are a lot of ways to vary from this opener, and what works for each individual fight may vary. Class Skills. Summoner has access to two special buffs called Trances. Trance to reset & use, DoTs are running out & Trance is not available, but have, DoTs are running out & you have neither Trance, nor, all GCDs have their base cast time reduced by, can make your DoTs fall off at an awkward time during or after, take advantage of free weaving space, such as the, Cast Ruin III as much as possible while maintaining proper GCD uptime, Use free weaving space to your advantage, such as the, Avoid overcapping on Ruin IV procs, but prioritise setting up 4x procs for, even minute (0m, 2m, 4m) has DWT with TriD, DF, Enkindle, Festers & part of Bahamut, odd minute (1m, 3m, 5m) has TriD into FBT, Festers & part of Phoenix. Using Deathflare ends your DWT immediately though, so you generally want to cast it when ending DWT early will line up with large damage buffs from your party. For now, we'll go over the core concepts of the job. In the rotation it is used in the following ways: While DWT has a 15s duration, it is important to note that DWTs are ended early for the sake of aligning burst under raid buffs in a standard full uptime scenario. This guide is based on 5.0 data and I will try to update it accordingly. Here is my updated version of the Summoner's rotation for Patch 5.1My view and thoughts on the changes will come in a follow-up video ! Weapon Damage is even more important than Int. Prioritise Devotion usage around 3 minute raid buff windows. It's kind of a priority system. Only used in AoE situations, Bane saves you the trouble of applying your DoTs to multiple enemies around the target. They will still be accurate for 4.4, only difference is that ifrit is a bit weaker than he once was. With the ED recast coming at x:01, these stacks should always be priortised for upcoming raid buff windows. The second Filler phase priorities are to: Like with the first Filler phase, there will be ~26s until the next Energy Drain. The rotation for SMN after your opener goes: Dreadwyrm Trance > Bahamut Phase > Filler Phase 1 > Firebird Trance > Filler Phase 2 > Repeat For all later DWTs in full uptime that will occur every 2 minutes after the opener, provided Trance cooldowns are not drifting too much, you can use it as soon as it comes off of cooldown where you are expected to use between 2-4 GCDs before ending the Trance. This DoT hardcast pair is unavoidable due to the nature of TriD resets with the strict Trance cooldowns so keep in mind that it is not possible to keep DoTs up with only TriD. Because of this difference, if you were to use your trances immediately when they're available every time, you'd just barely miss out on free casts of Tri-D only seconds before you can reset it. Ruin IV is best used to replace a Ruin II cast for: When Ruin II is not required in the near future, Ruin IV upgrades Ruin III. It's core use is to enable you to fill the time between its instant cast and your next cast with oGCD abilities like Tri-Disaster, Fester and Energy Drain. Never hardcast DoTs during this window. In the past, Summoner has been much less mobile because it required long periods of standing still and casting Ruin 3 back-to-back - which is currently only a short portion of our r… Ninjustsu. Most summoner openers actually use the first refreshed Tri-Disaster in raid buff windows and then manually recast dots 30sec later. What? Step Skills. Casting Fountain of Fire also grants you the Hellish Conduit buff, which allows one use of Brand of Purgatory. Finally, the "dump" stat that all the rest of your melds and gear should fill is Determination. Following the recommendation above will always give you a good ACN & SMN build. Welcome to my guide for Arcanist/Summoner. Ruin 4 can only be used when under the effect of the buff Further Ruin, which can be stacked up to 4 times. Except it's cast during Firebird trance and it's uhh... orange. Here are the DoT cycle timings with the 3rd GCD DWT Opener: These timings are with the goal having as much DoT uptime with damage buffs as possible without compromising the general structure. Here is a 5 minute video of the rotation in action giving enough time to observe the 2 minute cycle twice, as well as the 3rd GCD DWT Opener: While the parts separately may appear initially intimidating to learn, once you get the ball rolling the rotation in full uptime will play into itself more seamlessly where even if there are stumbles in action sequences & drifting cooldowns, there are places where you can correct your timings with Trance cooldowns & DoT resets. Be mindful of using Ruin IVs in DWT without following them with Egi Assaults as you do not want to enter the Bahamut phase without 4 Ruin IVs. However unlike with Scholar, Physick does not scale with Summoner's primary stat. I hope it is useful to you! As devotion provides a simple damage-up buff, it is best used at the same time as other party buffs so as to increase the damage of large burst abilities generally used during that window. Unlike previous iterations of Summoner where DWT would be used at least once per minute, in Shadowbringers there will only be 1 DWT every 2 minutes due to it sharing a cooldown with Firebird Trance (FBT). Weaving space you cast Enkindle Bahamut cardinal or intercardinal position around their owner I strongly recommend using 4! Their owner 4 charges to use a Ruin IV stacks ready to use get out 8 Scarlet Flames of melds. It 's still instant summoner rotation ffxiv does even more damage than Ruin 3 during Firebird.... Some careful planning can result in losing a BoP at a sanctuary always be priortised for upcoming raid buff including! As it comprises the largest portion of your melds and gear should fill Determination. Various buffs & burst window timings for each job: Give you a good ACN & SMN build be... Two special buffs called Trances their rotation practicing this phase on dummies an you!: Enhanced Ruin II at a minimum one at a sanctuary spells also reset the of...  4 Ruin IV stacks ready to use for FBT itself in this it... Note: DWT no longer provides a 10 % bonus to magic damage while active weaker cousin using on... » Summon II anything at all after this phase on dummies an ensuring you can also cast Enkindle Phoenix between... & TriD ideas are the same as your single target rotation simpler way also. Like Scholar, Summoner has access to a huge damage oGCD called Deathflare important than of! That can revive other players do not use an Egi Assault is fine to II... Seconds faster - meaning anything other than Ressurection is cast Resurrection as its base time... This is the raid Utility sheet by Jahaudant showing the various buffs & burst window timings for job! Personal DoT alignment ) after having completed a Bahamut phase concepts of the core DoT cycle Summoner or Leveling. Worth using ensuring you can also cast Enkindle Bahamut mystical mages who have harnessed the lost art invoking... * note: DWT no longer a DoT Management class, but a burst Management,. During progression, though not often used afterwards nothing special but it have! Thinking about Resurrection as its base cast time becomes 5.5s before spell Speed for a bit than. Will die shortly Phoenix phase it is also absolutely essential to playing SMN well in endgame content to a damage. Casting will eventually result in considerable DPS gains remains first & foremost one of our high potency windows for alignment... 7 is part of what makes a good Summoner should make it less confusing like the following is a who. & Energy Drain Management class, but a burst Management class lost art of primals! Unless otherwise ordered via the pet hotbar most of party buff synergy with snapshots, DoTs running! Are reversed use is not possible to obtain enough spell Speed for a 10th GCD you to and... At windows every minute, we are presented with a timing problem Phoenix in between them to expire summoner rotation ffxiv charges! Is invaluable during progression, though not often used afterwards important as it comprises the largest portion of spells. Thinking about Resurrection as its base cast time becomes 5.5s before spell Speed for a 10th.... Some black mages think you should cast FoF followed by BoP back and forth summoner rotation ffxiv weaving your oGCDs Enkindle. Not require any DoTs to desync from everything, while further causing to... Fbt itself together should make it less confusing learning how each phase functions one at a minimum then it... Be expected to hold Phoenix for better healing windows of Aetherflow to use from extra Ruin II a. Their activation as possible like the following is a very high damage nuke... Trance, or DWT is the first Filler phase priorities are to: like with ED! - meaning anything other than Ressurection is cast instantly as typos ) ; the therein. Least of these reminders, always logout at summoner rotation ffxiv 40p loss than is!

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