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As I stated earlier, Mark Knopfler uses a variety of guitars including, Fender Strat’s and Tele’s, Les Paul’s, Schecter Strat’s and Tele’s, Gretsch and his famous Pensa-Suhr to name but a few. It was during this time that the “Pensa-Suhr” guitars were born. This is the last guitar built for Mark Knopfler under Pensa-Suhr name. In all of his recent tours he'll bring out a Pensa sometime during the night. New (3) Items (3) ... Mark KNOPFLER LIVE USB Penza Guitar 4 concerts 2010/2013/2015/2019 Dire Straits. 2 bids. and a tribute for Mark Knopfler's Pensa Suhr. Pensa Guitars are handbuilded in New York and played by artists such as Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton & Lou Reed. The then-new Pensa- Suhr custom guitars of Knopfler (late 80s onwards) were a way of combining his love of both Fender and Gibson tones. =) LPDC is a neck through type too. Mark Knopfler: “The Six Guitars That Defined My Career”—Including the "Sultans of Swing" Strat Guitar Player magazine is the complete acoustic and electric guitar package. I agree that the Suhr is probably a better guitar, but it's not true about MK not using a Pensa in years. I haven's seen MK play a Pensa live for years. Chambered mahogany body (Swietenia Macrophylla) Flamed maple top. John Suhr started his building career some 35 years ago in New Jersey. In March 1991 John Suhr left the company and his name was removed from trademark. Under Pensa-Suhr, many guitars were built for Rock Stars such as Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Little Steven, Victor Bailey, Reb Beach and many more! Mark’s choice of amps is a pretty interesting one. If you’ve listened to more than one album of Dire Straits, you probably have a clear enough picture when it comes to his tone. From 1984 John Suhr began creating guitars at Rudys Music Stop under the R Custom name before later building guitars carrying the Pensa-Suhr moniker. In 1980, Mark Knopfler and Rudy Pensa met at Rudys Music Stop 48th St New York, a friendship which lasts to today. It was seen at couple of most memorable Dire Straits concert, including Alchemy Live in 1983 and Live Aid in 1985. Our first Chet-Mark duet doesn’t begin until 1:22 when Knopfler starts picking on his Pensa Suhr in the center-left position; Chet responds at about 1:43 in the center-right position (one billion thank yous to Ingo Raven and Jean-François Convert, who sorted out all of the album’s guitar work on Ingo’s Mark Knopfler Guitar Site). £7,775. He has other sounds as well. Another amazing Suhr Standard Model inspired by Mark Knopflers classic Pensa Suhr guitar from the 80's. I'm referring to a Strat not Mark, just in case =) It will be a 25.5" scale Pensa Suhr HSS tribute, but the specs will differ. He created guitars for under the "Pensa-Suhr" brand for Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Steve Stevens, Reb Beach and many others. Time left 1d 6h left. Perhaps most famous for the Mark Knopfler signature guitar produced with Rudy Pensa, John Suhr’s Fender-inspired work like the Classic T reaches many more iconic artists like Scott Henderson and Bill Frisell. Related: suhr guitar suhr pensa suhr. Around the same time, the pair teamed up with Mark Knopfler to create the Pensa MK model. Quite true. Often luxuriantly topped with quilted maple as of the era, they sometimes had a bucker in the bridge: other times P-90s. They went for coffee and Knopfler suggested a tapered headstock etc but the guitar was so far built it couldnt be done. The main idea - I like Mark Knopfler and I like Stratocaster, but not as much as Mark Knopfler =) But I want one. John built guitars under the “Pensa-Suhr” brand for Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Lou Reed, Bill Connors, Steve Stevens, Reb Beach, Pat Thrall, Little Steven, Victor Bailey Pensa-Suhr Bass, Chuck Loeb, Eddie Martinez (Robert Palmer) and many others. John Suhr, though, has created his company in 1997 in Lake Elsinore, California where he produces guitars including the standard carve top model "knopfler spec" is a simile Varsity Pensa Shur I just mentioned. $1.76. Interestingly, he used a number of different amps to get all those different types of tone. Featuring free online acoustic and electric guitar lessons, tutorials and videos for both beginner and professional. Rudy Pensa continued making Pensa guitars and Suhr started his own company making Suhr guitars. Standard Delivery Times. This one was built to the specs of Mark Knopfler's beloved Pensa-Suhr guitar! Since then – John has worked as a senior Master Builder at the Fender Custom Shop for a number of years, and in 1997 opened up his own brand: Suhr … John built guitars under the “Pensa-Suhr” brand for Mark Knopfler , Eric Clapton , Peter Frampton , Lou Reed , Bill Connors , Steve Stevens , Reb Beach , Pat Thrall , Little Steven , Victor Bailey Pensa-Suhr Bass , Chuck Loeb , Eddie Martinez (Robert Palmer) and many others. Pensa Guitars and Basses ... Mark Knopfler model 2. Musical Instruments & Gear. "Brothers in Arms" was first released as a single on 14 October 1985. Please disregard the shape distortions, it's strictly after an LP Special DС shape. They shared the same passion for the guitar and formed a friendship that would endure for many years. It was during this time that the “Pensa-Suhr” guitars were born. This item is expected back in stock soon and can then be shipped immediately. If the Sultans sound is the only Knopfler sound you seek, there's no one exact way to achieve it. It's a tribute, not a copy. In stock within 9-12 weeks. Dec 2, 2013 - Rudy Pensa met Mark Knopfler in the 1980's during the height of Dire Straits fame. Apparently John Suhr had a lot of the MK1 built, as it was originally for himself, before Rudy Pensa thought it would be a guitar Knopfler could use at the Nelson Mandela gig. Electric Guitars; Collectibles; Books; Show More; Condition. This guitar was used from 1980 to around 1987 when Mark switched to Pensa-Suhr guitars, although he did pick it up occasionally in the 90s. In stock within 9-12 weeks. If you would've seen Knopfler rocking the headband any time in the 80's, then you would've seen Mark rocking that very guitar! Mark Knopfler playing his custom Pensa MK-2 on tour at the NAC in Ottawa Mark Knopfler with his Pensa MK-90 blue guitar live at Le Zénith June 02nd 2015. BUILD YOUR OWN CUSTOM SUHR SUHR CLASSIC S FLAMED ROASTED SELECT I have two ongoing parallel projects, a Les Paul double cut with P-Rails for my friend (good, patient, super-patient friend!) His amp choices range from Fender, Marshall, Music Man, Mesa Boogie and Soldano. Suhr Guitars, Pedals and Amps In the late 1990s, Suhr Guitars was born. A 9-ply bolted neck (Maple/Purple Heart vs. Mahogany of the original one) It was used for their first album, while it came to foreground the most on the “Sultans of Swing.” Next amplifier that is wo… Fender Vibrolux comes to mind as the first important amp. During Dire Straits' 1992 "On Every Street" tour, Knopfler used his Pensa-Suhr MK1 for this song, like most of the others. Category. Knopfler still plays some Pensa guitars. Pensa today continues to sell these guitars and it has the exclusive give the name of MK (Mark Knopfler) has its models. In 1980, Mark Knopfler and Rudy Pensa met at Rudys Music Stop 48th St New York, a friendship which lasts to today. Rudy Pensa, proprietor of the legendary NYC-based Rudy's Music, collaborated with his then-employee, John Suhr, on a line of guitars back in the mid-80s. Brand New. I was surprised to hear him playing Sultans on a Pensa-Suhr with EMG active pickups and it still sounded like him. Include description. The guitar first debuted in public during the Prince's Trust gala on 5th & 6th June 1988. John built guitars under the "Pensa-Suhr" name for greats such as Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Lou Reed, Bill Connors, Steve Stevens, Reb Beach, Pat Thrall, Little Steven, Victor Bailey, Chuck Loeb, Eddie Martinez (Robert Palmer) and many others. The original was Hand built by John Suhr in the late eighties. [5] The song is reported to be the first CD single ever released; [6] it was released in the United Kingdom in 1986. Selected category All. In the early 80's John started working for Rudy Pensa at Rudy's Music Stop in NYC. I promise I'll make a Tele one day, cross my heart!

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