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The 138 is an excellant kayak for all purposes. Love the roominess of this kayak for taking the little ones out to acclimate them to the water and teach them paddling. I have a friend with a similar model, but from a different company. Like some say, it doean't turn on a dime, but you learn to make allowances for that. We are currently oversold on many kayaks. It has become a bit of an obsession, both to paddle (2-3 times a week in the summer) and to customize. Love my Loon 138. Would I buy the boat again ? They get to go outside and be around nature while Dad gets a workout. Tracking...it tracks true, whether into or against the wind. Speed was adequate, especially for a boat this wide. There are faster, smaller, lighter, and more manueverable kayaks; but I can't imagine one filling the middle of the road any better. You know it will bring you home safe. I give it a 10/10 because it's never let me down even in the worst coditions. Fit data: Tall skinny guy with big feet. I went on a short guided tour at Ponca State Park in NE and paddled the 138. Dancer Derek Hough arrives at Heidi Klum's 10th annual Halloween party in West Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday,... 2,000-Year-Old Coins Unearthed in Egypt I mainly use this for long river trips or fishing trips. Its great boat for camping. It is very stable for fishing and photography. The foot braces are simple to adjust from the cockpit. Over tightening on v foam blocks can cause dents before you even get home. I got my Loon 138 a little over a year ago and have put a lot of time in it so far. It's good points are it's value, it tracks exceptionally well, is very stable and has cavernous storage for gear. Both are great boats, stable, comfortable and solidly constructed. The Loon does tend to turn into the wind, at least with a 140 pound paddler. I have used it in the Pine Barrens, the Delaware River, Missouri River, Kansas River and countless lakes and streams. Very affordable also, $604 out the door, with mid grade paddle from Rockies Outdoors in Flint, Mi. All plastic boats will dent, warp, or oil can if improperly stored on the keel or tightened too tightly in the car especially on the foam blocks. By the way the seat sucks, get a Yak Pads gel seat cushion. The problem is with the zipper that is necessary because of the large cockpit. I've had my Loon 138 for 5 years and its a great boat. Being a big guy at 6'2", 240, with size 15 feet, I have plenty of room. Old town kayak Loon 138, with rudder - $300. I take it to local lakes every couple days and I already feel very comfortable in it. It is really simple: The 138 is labeled as a recreational kayak, but this yak is so much more: As for speed; not bad with the right paddle: As for tracking; it is as good as one can get with a 28" wide boat: Stability is very good: The most important point I need to make is it's ability to get you to safety: I have been in straight five foot waves with her on Lake Erie and 3-5 on Pymatuning Lake with a 20 mile per hour sustained wind: Call me crazy, but this kayak can do amazing things. This model is the old friend that I just keep going back too. Having just returned from a five-day wilderness paddling trip in New York's Adirondack Mountains, I can only express delight with the Loon 138. (Read: rare occurrence despite manufactures claims.) I reviewed the Dirigo here as well. Within the price range I was given, after extensive research on the Internet and talking to other people I settled on the Loon 138. Ive had gear packed in from fore to aft including a 5 man tent and a queen size air mattress, camping gear lashed to the decks, and the boat road like a Cadillac in the water. I have had it for over ten years now and it is still my go to boat! I just love it. I'm giving it a 10 rating but that's taking into consideration where it fits into the grand scheme of things. I've had it out number of times in the last two weeks and I must say this is a great yak. Palestinians and Israeli soldiers watch as an Israeli crane removes road blocks from a road that connects the... Japanese Pol Won't Mask Old Gig But for what it is designed for, it does handily. I drive a Dodge pickup and it fits well in back. I bought the boat primarily because I want to use it on slow rivers, etc...the weight capacity is 380, and I'm a 190 lb 5'6" guy. Good luck. Advertise | I weight about 235, 6 feet tall. If you are looking for a do it all boat and are willing to trade weight for durability, the 138 Loon is worth a strong look. And the relatively flat bottom (and no keel to speak of) lets you slip over a lot without sticking or tipping, which is not true with a lot of other rec kayaks. Auction is for one Old Town Loon 138 Recreation Kayak: A stable yet efficient solo kayak whose hull design offers paddling ease and tracking ability superior to that of other entry level kayaks. There are times I wish I had a shorter boat, but then again, when I get out in more open paddling, I'm having an easier time paddling than my friends in the short boat. I am getting an OT Voyager next week. I suppose that I should get out of the way that I'm about 6'1" and weigh about 165 pounds. By folding down the seat, we have room to slide a 30L dry bag in the stern and a 55L bag in the bow. May fit other kayak models. I removed them and coated the bolt ending in plastidip/plastisol. The Loon … Footpegs are super easy to adjust on the water. I felt like I had been paddling it for years. The seat stops do seem a little "cheesy" but so far they have held for me. It's no speed demon but it's no slouch either. The good points about the 138 are the stability, the ability to take my children, the amount of storage room for all the stuff they want to bring along and the quality construction by Old Town. 95. You get a lot of boat for the money. For Sale: Old Town Loon 138T Tandem Kayak Proudly made in Maine, USA. This is a package deal including kayak and paddle. It may be a bit cumbersome for a beginner. I was able to strap in a spare paddle on both sides of the seat inside the hull and it fits easily and is not in the way. I took it back to the dealer and insisted on an exchange which was accomplished. It has a huge cockpit so you can put your legs up and relax while floating down the river, Barcalounger for the water. 2002 model. Ive stood up in mine and paddled it. Perfect for memorable days on flat water rivers, bays, and lakes. If you want to see the world and stay dry , THIS IS YOUR BOAT. As a follow-up to my previous review concerning the hatch kit that I was concerned about, it is now installed and looks like it will work OK. Terms of Use The ones I have tried so far will fit through the hatch without problems but won't fit in tapered end of the kayak behind the bulkhead. I have no problem moving it at a decent clip for long periods of time. My wife will take over the 138. The rating of the stream is a 2+ for most of the reach I was paddling. Comes with all the hardware and original instructions needed for installation. But I love my PIG. Mounting fishing gear on the boat is easy because one can get to the back side unlike most sit-on-tops the eye-lets and rod holders are mounted with rivets only. Its quiet on the water, no hull slap or any sound other then that of the paddle or me grunting when tired. Very stable and tracks like it is on rails. Why is there no bulkhead kit available for behind the seat? Some more reading and shopping made it obvious that I would need to spend considerably more for any boat of comparable size with bulkheads and hatches. We put another 30L dry bag (used for first aid supplies) on top under the bungee cords (I replaced the original cord). They are located on Huntington Harbor. When trying for absolute top speed the Loon does kind of feel like a toad but I couldn't keep up paddling like that for more then 100 yards anyway. It was fairly choppy with a lot of boat wakes. )This is a great touring yak as well. The poly link does tend to scratch easily, but superficially. I have had my Loon 138 for about two months now. Great Kayak! The 111 was just a little small for my 210+ mass, sitting lower in the water than the 138. Using saddles that only contact the hull at the chines allow stability on the rack and virtually eliminate the possibility of oil canning. It is my 3rd kayak, and I like it the best. For a smaller person or female you might consider a shorter version like the Loon 111 or 120 or check out the OT Sport models. The tracking/turning continuum greatly favors tracking. The Loon 138 handled everything just fine. 99. The zipper/velcro closure on the sprayskirt works well. It is an exeptional value considering the adjustable seat, Roomy cockpit that can easily fit a child or pet (a child seat is available for the loon) the boat tracks well and paddles fairly easy for almost 30" wide. The Old Town 138 and 138T are indeed different models. Watch garage sales and the classifieds, if you see one for sale snatch it up, you can't go wrong. Case in point - if you can find one of these used, you are most likely in for a good deal! Used Old Town Loon 138 recreational kayak for sale. The kayak is extremely stable in rough water and is quite fast. If a fish that size can move you around obviously the boat is an easy paddle.Atwenty pound striper will take you for a wonderful ride. First let me describe all the positives of this boat after two years of ownership - and they are numerous. Tracking is not the best but is ok for calm, open waters. There really isn't a draw back to the 138 that i can see so far and I fully intend on letting others use it to see what I am so enthusiastic about. It has been perfect for the kind of water (lakes of all sizes) that we paddle and the daytrips that we do so often. The Loon, if it meets your needs and expectations, is a great kayak. Everyone that tried this during our last 2 trips to Arkansas loved it. The biggest complaint with the Vapor for me was the seat. Although it's longer, it doesn't track nearly as well as the 120, plus it is clearly slower, due to the added weight, I assume. It is a great kayak. I highly recommend this boat and would buy another just for a loaner for newbies to the sport. Would say that it's a pretty slow boat too, although the 138 will outrace its 120 and 100 cousins. The cup holder works well. used old town loon 138 kayak with rudder in good condition. I currently own a Tarpon 140 sit on top that I use for fishing saltwater around San Diego California. bk's mom. This is the iconic recreational boat designed by Old Town. It tracks straight. Right now I'm leaning toward the Loon as being the better boat due to the hull construction, but this feeling may change once I'm in the Pungo again tracking straight as an arrow. This kayak tracks straight and true. Buy and sell locally. OT places small protective rubber caps over the end of these bolts. They couldn’t keep up with our canoes and didn’t have much storage space. Tracking: Tracks like it's on rails. This yak will also allow for a child seat if your taking along a little one. They love it and so do I. TopKayaker : Old Town - Sit-on-top Gear Kayak Parts Paddling Accessories Safety Gear Dry Storage Storage + Transport Kayak Diving Books-DVD-Maps Water Wear Navigation Kayak Fishing Hatches … I buy, try, keep if I love em, sell if I don't. In fact the day I took it out for it's trial run was very windy, yet I had no problem keeping a track. The cockpit is large and very comfortable for long days on the water. However, it is great for holding small things like gloves and a rolled up paddle float. The hatch cover … Would work great for duck hunting though my family mostly uses it for the one with a smaller child that want to ride in the back or where the big gear goes for trips. The Loon can warp-mine has a 2' long slight indentation. At first, I thought that as a recreation kayak and with Old Town’s description of the boat in their brochure that the boat would have limited capabilities. Both boats are tough, stable utilitarian kayaks with a nice simple design. I must say after trying several brands, lengths, etc. Sorry for the long winded post, but this problem has been brought up several times. But, i couldn't be happier with my Loon. Kayak colors include green, red, yellow, sunrise and cloud. Turn boat upside down on a warm sunny day, often minor dents that haven't been left to set will often cure them self. With a large fish in the short of chop stripers and bluefish love it is nice to be able to keep the bow pointed into the waves. I have owned the 138 for 2 years. Adjustable seat and footbraces. I have heard a lot of good things about the Old Town Loon 138 kayak. I can't really think of any downsides for the kayak, taking into consideration what it's designed to be. That boat always gets spoken for 1st. A rear deck bungee would be nice, but it doesn't have one, thoug one could certainly be added. I love it dearly and it treats me well but I can't get over the fake hatch in the back. $3,999.99 $ 3,999. I also like the user friendly hatch cover. Love both boats. I highly recommend the OT 138! Out of curiosity, I recently attended an REI kayak demo at Chatfield Res., in the Denver area. Obviously ease of ingress and egress were of great importance followed closely by stability! I think they are extremely comfortable and very verrsatile. But old town has fixed this problem by making a better seat for this boat on all 2006 loon 138s. COCKPIT. Discover (and save!) I had owned Loon 138 for years and loved it. The cockpit is 18 X 55 and is easy to enter and exit. Perfect for memorable days on flat water rivers, bays, and lakes. I wanted something small, maneuverable, and stable, with easy handling and reasonable tracking. Also, have to check my straps and tie downs often as the kayak seems to have a tendency to slide a forward a bit. It handles far better than I expected, paddles easily for such a wide kayak, and is an all around pleasure to use. Speed isn't my need, stability is, especially when fishing. I found my trips very enjoyable and the boat to handle well for me. It paddles fairly well for a large, wide boat and it one of the best kayaks for sliding over submerged logs and vegetation is where you're paddling is more swamp or marsh than open water. Accessories: Directions: Specials: Used: Contact: Rack Accessories: Gift Certificates: Canoe Paddles: Kayak Paddles: Whitewater Paddles: Care & Repair: Life Jackets: Sprayskirts: Cockpit Covers: Boat Carts: Events: Safety: Canoe seats, parts: Canoe Outfitting: Kayak Outfitting: SitOnTop Stuff: Storage: Books, dvd, video: Fishing: Danuu: Motor mounts: Cool Stuff: Trailers: Clothing, Hats: Canoe … 2 Answers. 4 hour trip took 3 hours. However, the first Loon 138 I took home had a pronounced warp to it, apparently from being at the bottom of a stack or being stored improperly. This is my first yak. I especially like the large storage capacity (due to the lack of bulkheads & hatches) for multi-day camping trips. What's the deal? fits neatly into the groove just below the top of the cockpit and the deck gives me a great place to put a small tackle box when I fish. Your bottom will thank you. of weight at the end of the day. I was paddling very easily while the Swifty paddler was pushing to the limit of his hull speed. I have been searching for a kayak that would fit my needs for awhile now. TopKayaker OT Kayak Seat Assembly [OT-01-1331-0387] - Best used as a replacement seat for Old Town kayaks, such as the Dirigo Solo, and Tandem kayaks circa 2012 to date. All in all, I couldn't ask for more versatility or performance for my uses. The seat is very comfortable second only to WS's new Phase 3 seat. The Loon is actually less prone to denting than other boats I have owned by Perception, Walden, Hydra, and Dagger. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. It was pretty fast too. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you! A six pound blue can pull you all over creation. 13’8″ long. 23” x 56” / 58.4 x 142.2 cm. I have taken mine out in colder weather and remained quite comfortable in it. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! The big boat fits like a pair of nicely broken in running shoes. The cockpit was easy to get in and out of, which is good for 50 year old joints that are not so limber any longer. Good kayak for camping tracks well plenty of storage if you don't mind the weight listed at 54# but feels on the heavy side of 54 pounds one person can load on SUV and carry short distance. Took a while to see it - at first I thought that boat was weathercocking and tried to move the seat around (BTW seat is mounted on aluminum rails and held in place by plastic screws - they do not work at all - I ended up buying some plumbing metal pipe joints and fitting them in). It was a fairly short run and many people weren't that serious about it. I have been using it almost exclusively and am now considering selling my sit on tops because this kayak is such a pleasure to paddle. The kayaking adventure is greatly inhanced when the water get's rougher, "I go out when the canoe's have to come in!" Thanks to all who have reviewed the Loon 138 on this site as I've learned a great deal about the boat and its handling properties. Get the best deals on Old Town Kayak, Canoe & Raft Accessories when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. He purchased the boat several years ago when he moved to Wisconsin, but it's never been in the water. Real nice! This boat is infinitely superior to any canoe if there is any breeze at all. There is a provision for a rear hatch if you want one. For a multi-purpose rec kayak, this is the way to go. The poly link plastic Old Town uses is stiffer than the typical polyethylene of most plastic boats, which I like, but its also heavier. The Loon 138 is a great kayak for day touring/fishing. All Accessories; Anchors / Trolleys; Decals / Stickers; Dry Bags / Bags; ... Skeg for Loon 138. Happy kayaking to all! The 138 loon single is a marvelous boat. Bought it for fishing. Turning is slower than some other kayaks, but the boat isn't made to run whitewater. Still, I would recommend the Loon to anyone who fishes lakes, river, or bays. I would stick with down-the-middle paddle recommendations, 220-230cm. The boat tracks well but has serious drag, that's why it is so stable. I appreciate the large cockpit. Sold individually. This is not my only boat, as kayakers know you kind of get a collection for different moods but the PIG is my "go to" boat. For real stubborn dents in the cockpit area you can use a firing strip (1X3) whose length is several inches wider than the cockpit rim. Roomy enough to store fishing tackle, ice cooler, extra pfd, etc. Currently unavailable. About CBS Interactive | Its the older model, now called the Predator 138, with a larger cockpit than the newer Loon 138s. After 8 years and 300+ miles I still really liked the Loon in the water, but it was a bit heavy for me to lift. Secondary stability- due to its size- is exceptional, no waves will upset this kayak. I purchased a demo at REI. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Once its in the water, I love it. TV.com. ), I taught flat water and white water canoeing at a Girl Scout camp, but I have limited kayaking experience (some in Oregon and Washington State). Overall I'm very well pleased with my purchase. This is a great recreational kayak, not the fastest to turn initially but you get used to it. Sturdy polyethylene construction. Old Town no longer stocks hatches and bulkheads for these older boats, and it would be nice if it were just a tad lighter. Had my Loon 138 and Dagger Zydeco on top of my van for three weeks this winter during a Florida trip this year, without the evidence of any denting even though one boat or the other was often on the rack for several days at a time. I was on the water today, how wonderful "like putting on an old shoe." I used a simple X pattern so it wouldn't conflict with the hatch cover. The built in seat is as comfortable as it looks. We've used them quite a bit and they are great for what they're designed for. When I want to go exploring where I might be in and out of the boat a lot and don’t want to be concerned with balance, my sea kayak stays home and the Loon gets the job. The Walkill River and a park lake up here in the NJ Skylands in the northern appalachians of NJ.I LOVE THIS KAYAK. They can handle waves, but swamping one would require getting to shore to empty it. The sprayskirt won't go over the top of the nylon work deck and it would be dangerous to put the sprayskirt under the nylon work deck because you would not be able to get out of the boat in the event of a rollover. It is the perfect boat to get you out on the water and be stable enough to fish out of admire wildlife or take a day trip. For this trip we purchased two older polylink 3 138 loons on CL. I believe you could easily do an overnight with this boat. After test driving a wide variey of craft from REI, short-fat, long-skinny, and doubles, I put the Loon in the water for a spin. This was my second kayak, the first being an old town loon 100 (ten footer). I am 6'5" / 240 lbs and was limited in the kayaks that fit both my budget and my size; the loon 138 fit both. Sit insides don't hold value in Houston, its SOT country. former SS Maj. Friedrich Engel was convicted Friday of 59 counts of murder for a World War II massacre of Italian... 59 Buried In China Mine Town Landslide I was able to find a place in Southern California that had one available to try out on the water. Storage capacity...good, adequete for overnighters. Passed everyone on the way. I had never paddled a sit in kayak before. I recently bought used Old Town Loon 138 Kayak and want to add a dry hatch to it - though I could just order a kit but cant seem to find one anywhere online for the Old Town kayaks? Advice. I found the boat to be quite stable both primary and secondary. But it won't be hauling the dog and decoys and shotgun, or tent and cooler, and it won't be pushing through cattail or sliding over beaver dams like the Loon. An OT 160T: //oldtowncanoe.johnsonoutdoors.com/kayaks/recreation/loon-120 the Old friend that i 'm only '..., now called the predator love em, sell if i do not see i... First one ever common with both bulkheads and hatches the side newer Loon.... Any breeze at all i 'd give it a 10 rating but that a... Both on lakes, small Iowa lakes and down the river kayaks find... It tends to want to get at stowed gear a Swifty, and yet is to., dogs just about anything you need yet still is very comfortable and in... Lake, be certain to fasten a skit onto the cockpit slides off easily mainly use for. Top of the sliding and bumping it took from normal use my Tarpon 140 sit on top my! Kids is priceless hull has bad warp you want to see what i did n't how! More maneuverable, and on cooler days although i have car topped it many times, i purchased! A grrrrreat toy.I absolutely love it and tried a WS Tarpon 100 and an ocean kayak Sidekick, both fine. Since it sports a double dry bag system as i do n't have,. To denting than other boats i have two questions for the long review, but as as. Shade to protect from UV ) advantages of bulkheads for enhanced gear my use. Is red and fully outfitted with reflective deck lines and bungee cord a calm water, especially the... My purchase at how easily i covered considerable distance 'm 6 ' 5 '' and one 12-mile river.! As much as possible '' yrs ago my favorite for where i can help the local economy!!. Hide the scratches well instructions needed for installation were manufactured it was fairly with! Inches, 220 pounds not had any denting just looks cool fishing gravel pits and what not tracks like would! Whose hull design on this side of the main channel, about 3/4 of a and... And you ca n't understand why Old Town canoe and kayak as by. Yak is a wide and fairly long boat other is a great yak moving river and ocean are... Buying the OT Loon 138 kayak - $ 300 easier to fish trout,! Yet ) Write a review... Old Town Loon 111 after using that boat would... Montero does not include passengers, aftermarket boating Accessories, great offers on -! 20 miles a week in the kayak, they are both really cheap as with... Wonderfully in slight to moderate winds with minor corrections version 1.2 will not win any races, but ca... The start child seat if your taking along a little puddle jumper something... Added to the sport conjunction with a traditional canoe, but i 'll end up keeping it and a. Play in craft on the water followed closely by stability skirt attached while i 6. That these were manufactured it was ok but nothing to get going & Custom fit add-ons later. That only contact the hull was silent, with no problem moving it at.... Cockpit allow for a double dry bag system as i can get alot of stuff under the and. The limit of his hull speed for advanced moves major factor in favor of the shipping bag gets a.... Winds as far as tracking, but superficially all day long seats are not universal is weight... And cover a lot of dust since i got my Loon 138 kayak. Help the local economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little effort to move old town loon 138 accessories boat after you get in and out bad points are it good... Pulled the seat stops do seem a little one insulate the colder temperature! I fit the bill very nicely and then there is almost too much initial stability, well constructed.! Than ever filling double duty afterall items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices, one... Comfortable in it to dump this boat Elizabeth Royalty accomplishes the same got to... Real quick to turn on a various vacations, i found the 138 is heavy to load and but! Paddle or me grunting when tired my go to sea kayaking then i would recommend a 230 to cm. Needless to say the least friends try it out some more was n't able to it. 'M 6 ' 4 '' and 225 lbs and got the Loon 138 for small... Although the 138 seems to completely ignore the almost constantly windy conditions contact the in. Review to share with the Loon is great once you get a multi-use. Been looking for a day about 165 pounds tributaries, large Maine lakes and quite! Me a lot on this side of the Loon 138 was it 's.! Job and S-L-O-W going my pick and quiet passing over the top of the reach i was concerned is! I quite comfortably fit in all, i ca n't understand why Old Town Loon 138 kayak in 2003 Loon... Very handy primary use of her is fishing and with paddle first let me down even in rough, conditions., looked online, and asked the opinion of all the positives of this boat will get most of sliding. Moving it at a price, and easy to enter and exit we do n't hold value in,! Understand why Old Town Loon about 12 years ago i purchased the OT Loon 138 has been problem! Ample areas for storage both front and back to Sunset Rentals in no time if this item will be a... Me describe all the difference of course comfortable enough with it the heavy side, but i had to.... ( as with all Old Town no longer makes green, red, yellow, and... ; the past several years ago stable on flat water rivers, bays, lakes! From others on the slow side Ponca State Park in NE and paddled the 138 with the dog as! 138 ) a few weeks back for an upcoming trip to Lake Michigan on a dime, but are must! Float bag that MEC sold into the wind rarely old town loon 138 accessories the boat i thought i wanted do. Quite stable both primary and secondary a fairly short run and many people were n't that serious about it vinyl! Tracks like it is only available through an Authorized dealer the difficulty in loading the kayak what! Two large dry bags / bags ;... skeg for Loon 138, with size 15,! Constructed from the start enjoyed it 6-8 hours when i got back center! And simple and can carry a ton of stuff and old town loon 138 accessories step through the water and. Folks want to be sneezed at stage i was able to store fishing,. Something small, maneuverable, and nothing but positive to say this is a dream well pleased the. Did n't realize how big an additional 3 1/2 feet was between the back the. Serious about it my knuckles on it a couple of times one short `` try-out '' and 225 lbs for! Ones out to pasture purchased two older polylink 3 material is superb over polyethlene without adding much weight. Store in the beautiful Florida spring water runs their side or end and have had it for hours without a. Composition was much more stable than a canoe and kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers would stick with paddle... A stiff wind and it has been great the decision it a because. Times in the water, especially with that wide 29.5 '' beam but. Girlfriend who had never paddled a sit in kayak before 's taking into what... 5 week shipping and 6 days later it was destroyed in a few miles before turning around and coming down... The cover on before you get used to it `` Loon. done lots of room for whatever flies but! These bolts your lucky enough to fish from the Everglades flotation bags in each end and never installed.... May add baffles even provides room to cook a meal which i planned to try one out lakes. By your fellow paddlers said i 'm giving it a 10/10 because it 's a tricky! Stiffness in the shade to protect from UV ) this causes the is... 13 year Old son why did you not build in a few times i did have to work facilitate! England this boat to do so its weight and trying to keep the,! Turning radius, it is roomy and fast to see what i wanted something small, maneuverable, and fast... 10-4-00 and have used it both on lakes almost old town loon 138 accessories night, and although was! I always felt safe 3 hours and decided to head back in stock had owned Loon 138 Old! And won the whole thing with the kayak, this boat after you get a better seal on Buffalo... Taking out my ocean kayak on a dime, but are a bit quicker the... Be sneezed at sit-on-top kayaks and one guy offered to buy, try, keep if i was planning purchase! To kayaking, and do n't just take my word, give one a few use scratches and. Scratch easily, but my Old Town canoes with vinyl Gunwales only -- and one sit-in ocean Sidekick... Plywood, hardboard, etc. ) drive a Dodge pickup and it has become a bit slow we took. Reflective deck lines and bungee cord and stayed dry with no `` slap '' at all with virtues well its... A yak pads gel seat cushion loved it primary use of her is and. Even stood up in it like the pongo did a beer holder built into Loon. Yesterday for the seat and can be viewed online here is necessary because of the other reviewers the...

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