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Humphreys Peak, Arizona. Updated September 21, 2017 Humphreys Peak is Arizona's highest mountain and the highest point of the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff in north-central Arizona. Not what I expected, but just the lift I needed. 1.0 mile to the peak on the Summit Trail. It is one of three peaks forming a rough U shaped valley known as the Inner Basin or Interior Valley. I am thinking about hiking up Mount Humphreys next week and I just wanted a bit of advice. Although it ranks as the highest point in Arizona, … Since this was the highest peak I had ever climbed, I thought the treat was fitting. Mt. From Flagstaff, take Highway 180 toward the Grand Canyon. Humphreys, Winter Ascent of the Full East Ridge of Mt Humphreys, “Twelve Flags Peak” (0.6 mi NE of Mt. ^ a b c The elevation of Humphreys Peak includes an adjustment of +1.345 m (4.41 ft) from NGVD 29 to NAVD 88. ^ a b c The summit of Humphreys Peak is the highest point of the San Francisco Peaks and the U.S. State of Arizona. We hope that you enjoy our free content. I like this trail as it receives less hiker traffic than the Humphreys Trail from Snowbowl on the other side of the mountain. Although it ranks as the highest point in Arizona, at 12,637 feet, the guidebooks described the hike as strenuous, but easily accessible by people not bothered by the altitude. It is the 26th most prominent mountain in the lower 48 states, rising over 6,000 feet. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. Humphreys Peak is 12,633 ft tall and the highest point in Arizona. I found a bristlecone pine crouching off the trail and behind it stashed my last extra bottle of water. Children refers to the set of objects that logically fall under a given object. many lakes and far glimpses over a wide circle. Humphreys, Arizona's tallest peak, a test of willpower Alexis Bechman; Dec 28, 2015 ... Alas, I forgot to take into account the 3,300 feet worth of elevation gained and then lost. The Humphreys Peak sign assures hikers they have reached the top of the mountain. Best of Flagstaff, a work in progress. If you are not used to this elevation, this may feel very strenuous. Trail. Reaching the top makes the hike worth the trip. Thank you for signing in! G.K. Gilbert, in 1873 named the peak for his superior officer, Brig. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content. Months earlier, my boyfriend and his brother had set out for the top and nearly didn’t make it down. So I stopped to stash my water bottle behind a dead log. My legs were spent. including the north wall of the Grand Canyon. This is an out and back trail to Humphreys Peak in Coconino National Forest. The trail leading to Humphreys Peak begins in the Snowbowl parking lot and ascends 3,343 feet up to a total elevation of 12,635 feet. As you ascend, breathing can be more challenging and you may need to stop more frequently to catch your breath. The Humphreys Summit trail begins at 9,300 feet elevation and climbs to 12,633 feet (3,851 m) over 4.5+ miles. I looked at the dark volcanic landscape ahead and knew I couldn’t carry a drop of unneeded weight. Aconcagua mountain itself has many routes, photos, and trip reports as children. Most hikers take a much-needed break after reaching the summit of Mount Humphreys. This is not an easy hike, but if you can make it to the top of Mt. DIRECTIONS TO HUMPHREYS PEAK: Humphreys Trailhead is located 14.5 miles northwest of downtown Flagstaff, AZ at the San Francisco Peaks. To get to the very top, hikers should expect about 10 … Created by Chris Snowden-Santi Mt. A list of the tallest peaks in the state of Arizona is provided below. Beautiful hike to Mt. Many people will usually take day trips and be able to see both cities in one day. © 2006-2020 Standing just shy of 14,000ft in elevation, it so dominates its surroundings that it is one of the 15 Sierra Emblem Peaks so designated by the Sierra Club. 8.2; Aspen Corner. The Mt. Turn right on Snowbowl Road to Snowbowl. Home. An extinct volcano, Humphreys Peak, is the highest in Arizona. humphreys peak summit az high point flagstaff • mt humpreys summit flagstaff • ... Elevation 11500 Ft. Mountain. Download FREE Humphreys Peak (AZ) USGS topo maps.These are full-sheet 7.5 Minute (1:24,000 scale) topographic maps. That’s the draw of Humphreys Peak. You start in a flowery meadow near Arizona Snowbowl and then wind your way above the tree line. To see the weather forecasts for the other elevations, use … Humphreys Peak and the greater San Francisco Mountain is part of the Kachina Peaks Wilderness Area, which includes 18,960 acres. Take US 180 north for 7 miles, then Snowbowl Road (FR 516) for 7.4 miles to the Snowbowl lower parking lot. We had missed fall color by only a week or so. For what it's worth I heard from a source that this is the new el. The mountain is located in Flagstaff which is about 2.5 hours from the Phoenix area and about an hour from Sedona as well. Hiking down the ski runs was way easier than the packed snow under the trees would have been. The Hole-to-Hump is a run that starts at the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (elevation – 2500’) and ends at the summit of Mt. Be Proactive. Humphreys Trail is steep and long and extremely rocky in its higher reaches. Gen. Andrew Atkinson Humphreys, who had been with the Ives Expedition as a captain in 1851. MAP: Flagstaff Trails PERMITS: only required in winter DESIGNATION: Kachina Peaks Wilderness, Coconino National Forest BEST SEASONS: June, September, October Humphreys Peak. Clear day with 90mph winds at the top! Time to lose more weight. Humphreys Peak Trail to reach one of the B-24 crash the day after a storm system moved through northern Arizona. But after a mile or so, I knew that might not happen. Humphreys Hike (Spring, Summer, Fall only) Trip Rating: Challenging day hikes, 4wd, flat-water kayaking, average weather conditions metro detroit radar weather Oct 22, 2007 Many people hike Mt. I remembered someone on Tonto Rim Search and Rescue once telling me to stash water on a trail that way you know you have water waiting and you don’t have to truck it back and forth. I've never really climbed that high before, so I'm unsure as to how my body will react. Many hours earlier, I had set out for what was to be a six-hour or less hike up Mt. The You have permission to edit this article. Humphreys in Flagstaff. ELEVATION: trailhead 9,290 – summit 12,633 – (difference 3,343) ACCESS: paved roads to the trailhead DIRECTIONS: From Flagstaff, take Highway 180 north for 6.5 miles (180 begins in downtown from Route 66 as Humphreys Street – turn left on W Columbus Avenue from Humphreys Street to follow 180). Increasingly, this mountain had become a brutal test of willpower. (1 ), Gettysburg: The Leaders of America's Greatest Battle, Panorama from the summit of Mt. They jogged down the trail, managing the whole ordeal in less than four hours (but I think running for your life had something to do with it). Alas, I forgot to take into account the 3,300 feet worth of elevation gained and then lost. The trail leading to Humphreys Peak begins in the Snowbowl parking lot and ascends 3,343 feet up to a total elevation of 12,635 feet. Click Here To See Discounts, Services And Offers, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Gila County, Time Out Domestic Violence Shelter Tax Credit, Community Bridges Inc. I am just a little worried about the elevation change and getting altitude sickness. I figured “I’m kind of in shape — how hard could it be?” Heck, just five miles up and five miles back. When I finally rounded the last false summit, I could see several people laid out asleep near the summit, enjoying the unseasonably calm day. The peak’s high elevation and cooler temperature makes it a great place to escape the scorching hot summer months in Arizona. the Painted Desert, the Moqui (Hopi) villages. It had taken me four hours and I was finally nearing the summit. Use the 'Report' link on See all 29 photos taken at Humphrey's Peak Summit, AZ High Point by 244 visitors. No other Sierra peak to the north rises higher, and there are expansive views from the summit. Don't Threaten. There are no downs, no places to gain momentum, just up, up, up. Compare elevation… Threats of harming another lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. Your current subscription does not provide access to this content. sort of -ism degrading to another person. Yes, tundra. Russell). Humphreys from the south (2013-06-08). Mt. Thank you for reading! Many hours earlier, I had set out for what was to be a six-hour or less hike up Mt. Humphreys Peak is the highest of a group of dormant volcanic peaks known as the San Francisco Peaks. I felt under the sweaty Camelback straps and found two knobs. No name-calling, racism, sexism or any The Humphreys Peak is volcanic in origin, and its parent range, the San Francisco Peaks, features a series of dormant volcanoes. Although the weather forecast called for clear skies, I was not taking any chances in late October when a winter storm could easily overtake us. The alpine forest trail is located just north of Flagstaff. At this elevation, however, hikers will pass through Ponderosa pine and alpine tundra as they work towards the summit. person will not be tolerated. Share with Us. So I’m gaining four inches of elevation with every step. Humphreys Peak (Hopi: Aaloosaktukwi, Navajo: Dookʼoʼoosłííd) is the highest natural point and the second most prominent peak after Mount Graham in the U.S. state of Arizona , with an elevation of 12,637 feet (3,852 m) and is located within the Kachina Peaks Wilderness in the Coconino National Forest, about 11 miles (17.7 km) north of Flagstaff, Arizona. One writer said “anybody in some sort of shape” could make it; it just might take all day. I pointed toward what I desperately hoped was the top. Above treeline it exposes you completely to the whims of nature. Mt. Download the free Humphreys Peak topo map. On your next view you will be asked to log in or create an account to continue reading. accounts, the history behind an article. Appears on 2 lists. Humphreys from Agassiz Peak From the summit of Agassiz, it's a few hundred feet down to the top of a ski resort. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. All Rights Reserved. There is plenty to see and really only one thing to do at Humphrey's Peak: hiking! The trailhead is at the north end of the parking lot. Humphreys, Arizona's highest mountain at 12,633'. I just focused on the trail, now covered in a carpet of muted yellow aspen leaves. If high-pointing Arizona is on your bucket list, then Humphreys Peak is the trail for you! Much longer than it took him last time, my boyfriend said. On clear days hikers can see the Grand Canyon from the summit. Mt. Humphreys Trail, starting at 9,300 feet at the Arizona Snow Bowl Upper Lodge and ending 4.7 miles later at the summit (the longest 4.7 miles on Earth), is deceptively easy at first, carrying hikers about a quarter mile over a lush and flat mountain meadow into the edge of the forest. Here it may snow during any month of the year. As others fled the summit, they pressed on, two men from Illinois looking for adventure. Welcome to Arizona Care Hospice of Payson! It had come to that. Humphreys is Arizona’s premier high-altitude hiking experience. (3), Images Humphreys is an outstanding Sierra peak having no easy route to the summit. Hike On likely one of the hotter Saturday's of the summer I'd guess a hundred hiked Humphreys … As we hiked, my boyfriend recounted his harrowing journey with his brother. Humphreys trail (the one that takes you to the highest point in Arizona) is 4.5 miles long each way. Humphreys (elevation – 12,633’ – Arizona’s highest point). Download the free Humphreys Peak topo map. Routes But I’ll tell you, I didn’t want to leave that pine. To get to the very top, hikers should expect about 10 miles out and back before returning to the parking lot. Despite the awesome scenery, all I could think about was the dehydrated astronaut ice cream sandwich I had brought.

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