is polymer harder than plastic

If you drop a gun and have to worry about it breaking, then obviously It’s an issue. Just pick up a 10lb dumbbell then a 10lb bag of potato’s by the top of the bag only. It is used for such things as roofing membranes and wet suits. Some of these monomers, such as formaldehyde, styrene (from polystyrene, including polystyrene foam food take-out containers), vinyl chloride, and bisphenol-A (from polycarbonates) are known carcinogens. This highly-crystalline fluorocarbon is exceptionally inert to chemicals and solvents. We aren’t going to throw it around and run over it with a truck. Polymer has proven itself up to the challenge. This seemingly small variable can profoundly affect the nature of the polymer. In this survey we will look at only those that have major industrial uses, so we will not be discussing the very important biopolymers proteins and nucleic acids. I too was skeptic when these came out but figured I’d try them out to see. Wrong!!!!! Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, American Academy of Pediatrics report on phthalate esters, A collection of scientific article abstracts on adverse effects of pasticizers. Polyethylene is crystalline, translucent, and thermoplastic—i.e., it softens when heated. Although there is little evidence that the small quantities that diffuse into the air or leach out into fluids pose a quantifiable health risk, people are understandably reluctant to tolerate these exposures, and public policy is gradually beginning to regulate them. In order to facilitate efficient recycling, a set of seven resin idenfication codes has been established (the seventh, not shown below, is "other"). It was first used in the 1970s to replace steel tire cords. Thermoset polymers are generally harder and stronger than … please see the Chem1 Virtual Textbook home page. Other than that I think we will get used to the polymers and will accept them completely. When uncolored, it is translucent but not transparent. Thermopolymers can be melted and pelletized, but those of widely differing types must be treated separately to avoid incompatability problems. If you have an A2 style front sight, then, yes it probably acts as your gas block as well. that should get it good and hot and any stress points should fail at that point. Formation of long polymer chains is a complicated and somewhat random process that is never perfectly stoichiometric. shore a durometer shore d durometer rockwell r . Give us a stainless rifle with a pencil barrel and we will love it! But even here, the recovered carbon black may not be suitable for 100% incorporation into new tires, owing to its different particle-size distribution. Now, there are those who seem to discount the toughness of the polymer lowers, like they’re some sort of new fangled plastics. Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. When you study the AR lower closely, you’ll notice the only part of the component that could face any real stress is where the buffer tube screws in to the receiver. The AR platform is no exception. It did not become generally useful until the mid-nineteenth century when Charles Goodyear found that heating it with sulfur — a process he called vulcanization — could greatly improve its properties. we will see what happens. Added weight absorbs some of the recoil and that improves accuracy. Glucose serves as the primary fuel of most organisms. It is a lower receiver….the upper is where all the pressure is at..that is where the chamber is. The Rockwell hardness is usually chosen for "harder" plastics. ), some irrational (it’s NEW and I am afraid of NEW). There are two general types of hazards that polymers can introduce into the aquatic environment. You are right David. Note: this document will print in an appropriately modified format (22 pages). If this type of narrow-minded thinking was the norm, we would still be living in caves. A polymer lower AR would actually work best with the piston and recoil assembly are in the upper. If its a New Frontier lower I up you sent it back for replacement. Summary – Polypropylene vs Plastic. I’ve carried my Glock for 7 years now with no issues. Upper fits tightly to lower with no wiggle at all. Sure, Josh. Tapco might not be my first choice for a stock, but it works sufficiently enough that I haven’t felt the need to swap it yet. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. I will follow chris’s lead and give an update on my ATI lower…. Mausers older the better but military issues were mass production. You can remove the front sight block and slide it off the barrel then simply replace it with a railed gas block of the same diameter to which you can attach a front sight of your choosing. There are some comparisons out there between the Ati Omni and the NEF LW-15. Just sent an envelope with part. Bullet-proof vests are one of it more colorful uses, but other applications include boat hulls, drum heads, sports equipment, and as a replacement for asbestos in brake pads. This surely portends the end of the world is coming! Polypropylene is also crystalline and thermoplastic but is harder than polyethylene. Now it looks like I’m going to have to swallow shipping costs and additional FFL fees IF they replace it. Whether the cheapest Chinese crappola tool from the Bargain Tool Barn, or a FesTool (top notch German toolmaker), every portable electric drill, saw, sander or router you’ll find out there is built with a polymer case. It would be fun to give them to a bunch of privates for a week and see the result. Sorry didn’t mean to be so long. 4) The polymer trigger is a very smooth, single-stage, 6lb trigger. But since these are all that are available, ill stay with it. the reason I suggest the steel ring is that it would be easier to stake a steel ring, than to accommodate people over-torquing the buffer and stripping the threads. I know I’m gonna catch hell but after being a unit armorer and seeing M16 buttstocks (with buffer, spring and tube) snap off like a dry twig, I would never have an AR as a SHTF weapon. Also, you may want to use our Plastic Material Selection Guide or Interactive Thermoplastics Triangle to assist with the material selection process based on your application requirements. The AR platform is no exception. Thus polymers generally form amorphous solids. I was expecting metal. A glock is, why would an AR with a polymer lower that operates the same and is ever bit as durable also not be a great gun for when SHTF? In this industry, everyone wants to buy the highest quality products. You wrote: “I can get aluminum cheaper!!!!! Chemists' ability to engineer them to yield a desired set of properties (strength, stiffness, density, heat resistance, electrical conductivity) has greatly expanded the many roles they play in the modern industrial economy. Saying that the up side is long term storage would would be great. Name two kinds of commercially-important natural polymers. Thermoplastics. New Frontier Armory produced some torture test videos to show its plastic product, the LW-15, isn’t a junky ill-fitting gun part. So – its not just the material but how it is molded and the direction of the fibers. Cotton also serves (along with treated wood pulp) as the source the industrial production of cellulose-derived materials which were the first "plastic" materials of commercial importance. I think too many people that think things like home 3D printed receivers will be fine, or on the opposite end that think that a ‘plastic’ (polymer) receiver can’t work think of plastics/polymers as all the same. One of us is wrong (hint: Not me). I would certainly like to try that out. However saying the I have to tell you for some people thata all they may intend for it to last. Then the polymers—long chains of molecules that make up a plastic—are recovered from the solution in solid form and reshaped into plastic pellets. Plus, there isn’t a great difference between the two rifles, at least when I have carried them. Thats easily fixed by using a cheap sterl insert to take the direct stress away from the polymer. I don’t think it is, because this is the first I’ve heard somebody have this problem. An additional consideration is that de novo production most of the major polymers consumes non-renewable hydrocarbon resources. A bit more costly but would only be 4 or5#. In my 25 years in combat arms I butt stroked exactly 1 person, didn’t break the rifle. In a world full of inexpensive, mass-produced black plastic and aluminum, there’s always something nice about handling those massive battle rifles built in a time when rifles were made by craftsmen more or less by hand from traditional materials. I think it will be more common in ARs like plastic dash boards in cars. Polymer banknotes: pros and cons This article is more than 7 years old Polymer banknotes last longer, are harder to counterfeit and stay cleaner – but they do have their downsides Some of the benefits not mentioned, the firing mechanism is almost completely polymer too. Don’t forget even lightening your rifle has trade offs. For chemically resistant plastic, view our Chemical Resistance of Plastics chart. Then my final question can does the gas tube connect to the front sight post? In any event NFA is in business to make a profit (good) and their product is cheap (as in affordably inexpensive). Until carbon fiber gets to be more commonly used in the barrel and receiver there is not much you can do. Also on a good note. They are designed for multi caliber use. Just sent an envelope with part. Luckily I bought an AK as well. The only ones we will be concerned with here are those composed of glucose, the most important of the six-carbon hexoses. (I’m a traditionalist in that respect). A few things to consider that the author missed: 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 95 45 55 65 75 85 50 70 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 . After mixing, it forms a polymer compound that can be molded or used to build up and repair just about anything made from plastic. It has a Palmetto State Armory lower parts kit. Titanium is stronger and lighter than steel but not as hard so the stress the steel mounts were putting on the part made it fail. It locks, but rattles around. But what it didn’t do was strip the area where the buffer tube was affixed. It is stronger and lighter than a standard AR lower, and second only to my high-end tight tolerance unit. plum crazy). Examples include p… LGS is sending it back and FMK promises a fast turn around. What happened was to be expected- the buffer tube came loose, causing the buffer tube detent to fly into the fire control group and ” stop” the gun from firing( the looseness also caused the BCG to nick the detent and shear a 1mm piece off the pin); this was AFTER firing 150 rds of federal xm193 and wolf ammo, of which 50 rds was fired in rapid succession! The only thing is the idea of a plastic rifle just feels funny. If the two remaining groups are different (say one hydrogen and the other methyl), then the above conditions are satisfied and this part of the chain can give rise to two enantiomeric forms. If you want to spend the extra $, and don’t want to hang a bunch of ninja crap off it, look into a carbon fiber handguard. I haven’t tested it yet at longer ranges. Even polymer mags have problems with same. I would certainly be open to the idea by taking in reviews like this, commentary from a website or community’s users and weighing the idea of taking a loss like this writer did for my own research. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). About the gas tube. You will notice some "fuzziness" in the way that the polyethylene structures are represented above. Aside from their high molar masses, how do synthetic polymers differ from ordinary molecular solids? I also know four other people who have poly. Love this gun and the NEF lower. By a huge margin, our top sellers are the least expensive guns we can ship out. I would have to say, “it depends”. Making the uppers and lowers out of some “polymer” will not increase the effectivness of the rifle. I am certain that the polymer upper I have just purchased, when connected to a decent upper receiver will work just fine to ward off home invaders, coyotes, and the occasional zombie. It is also employed in Gore-Tex fabric for rainwear. There are many available, some with no rail up to those with quad picatinny rails for attaching all kinds of peripherals i.e. Mosin guy, I completely agree. More recently, other kinds of chemical treatment (such as epoxidation) have been developed to produce rubbers for special purposes. Small amounts of PFOA have been detected in gaseous emissions from hot fluorocarbon products. I see no signs of wear from all the mags or in and out of my cases. A friend who is a police officer and former marine armorer showed my how rushed and haphazard assembly can strip even aluminum upper( he fixed a friends DPMS lower by dremeling it out and inserting a threaded washer- you’d never know from the work he did, even though he advised our other friend to just go buy another stripped lower and cannibalize the trigger group from the damaged dpms lower). In some polymers (known as thermoplastics) there is a fairly definite softening point that is observed when the thermal kinetic energy becomes high enough to allow internal rotation to occur within the bonds and to allow the individual molecules to slide independently of their neighbors, thus rendering them more flexible and deformable. With the AR platform, recoil isnt a problem so you have to ask yourself am I going to be using this for close up or longer range shooting. That’s all I’m saying. They are used in countless applications within society, including appliance casing, carrier bags and spectacle lenses. Polycarbonate is yet another type of thermoplastic polymer used in manufacturing. the other 4 they’ve slapped name brand uppers on and have been good to go. I do not believe this is a indication that poly lowers are bad I think I just happen to get a bad one. The polymer lowers are lighter, and if proven to be not quite as reliable as the aluminum lower then they would be a good weapon at home, and maybe back at camp and chow hall where they wouldn’t get fired as much. They have been building these tools, tweaking the polymers, for more than three decades now. ); The more compact notation on the right shows the minimal repeating unit enclosed in brackets overprinted with a dash; this means the same thing and is the preferred way of depicting polymer structures. This is a dangerous misinformation. At low temperatures, the tangled polymer chains tend to behave as rigid glasses. Elastomeric memory allows polyurethane to return to its original shape when stretched, bent or deformed; Superior durability and resiliency at harder durometers; Outstanding impact and abrasion resistance; Physical properties can be engineered to meet demanding specifications I suppose I can see advantages to an actual AR-15 over the SU-16C. Plastic. I guess the polymer lower’s aren’t idiot proof after all. The manufacture of polyethylene is a very common expample of such a process. If they are to be made into molded objects, the polymerization reaction must take place within the molds — a far more complicated process. Polymer Plastics is dedicated to helping you meet your needs for high quality plastic products. OK FOLKS HERE’S THE STRAIGHT OUT FACTS!!! Polymethylmethacrylate (Plexiglass, Lucite, Perspex). Plastic - Plastic - The polymers: Polymers are chemical compounds whose molecules are very large, often resembling long chains made up of a seemingly endless series of interconnected links. Key Difference – Bakelite vs Plastic Plastic and Bakelite are both organic polymers, having a very large molecular weight though there exists a difference between the two based on their properties and usage. This occurs, for example, in the synthesis of the Nylon family of polymers in which the eliminated H2O molecule comes from the hydroxyl group of the acid and one of the amino hydrogens: Note that the monomeric units that make up the polymer are not identical with the starting components. They’ve been used extensively in multiple calibers. Plastics-related compounds are not the only kind of endocrine disruptors found in the environment. Polymers are constructed from relatively small molecular fragments known as monomers that are joined together. Many of these materials are less dense than seawater, and once they enter the oceans through coastal sewage outfalls or from marine vessel wastes, they tend to remain there indefinitely. Imagine a GLOCK pistol with a metal tube screwed into the back of the grip, which feeds into a buttstock. If it means that much to you even after carrying the rifle all day then you need to get to the gym. Part of the reason polymer pistols work so well, is the lack of a buttstock component. Being that all of the moving parts are also poly means that you never need to lube them!!! Polystyrene is transparent but rather brittle, and yellows under uv light. Looks awesome with the Rogers SuperStoc. I purchased the glock mainly because of its ease of use (no external safeties to master). Next consider the type of forearm you have, alum. I am not scared of good quality polymer! The hammer and trigger group, all of the pins are all polymer, only the springs are metal. About 20% of the commercially-produced polymers are thermosets; the remainder are thermoplastics. “You would be better off carving a lower out of balsa wood.”. Another interesting article: The Amazing Voyage of the Plastic Ducks. I like quality and name brands as well; however, the polymer is here to stay and whatever might be wrong with them now will be made right as time goes on. The fit between the upper and lower are the tightest I’ve ever seen! Wikipedia article. The spaghetti-like entanglements of polymer molecules tend to produce amorphous solids, but it often happens that some parts can become sufficiently aligned to produce a region exhibiting crystal-like order, so it is not uncommon for some polymeric solids to consist of a random mixture of amorphous and crystalline regions. The plastics can be injection moulded or extruded and is available in two forms. The video of aluminum vs. polymer lowers when subjected to deflection testing is an obvious attempt to confuse people. This is also a problem with the Armys new M-240L as in many critical area’s they used titanium to lighten the weapon. A few hours after a meal, the glucose content of the blood begins to fall, and glycogen begins to be broken down in order to maintain the body's required glucose level. I currently have 4 Cavalry Arms lowers, which are like a tank, and use standard lower parts kit. I think its pretty crappy to push a product on New AR owners because It’s cheaper. When the army was developing the lieghtweight M-240 they used titanium on many places including the tripod mount point. See how warranty goes and go from there. That doesn’t really help your credibility. However, recent developments are pushing the limits of AR design, and the polymer lower receiver is now commonplace. Beat both up like they owe you money and see if they are still safe to shoot. Starch granules are stored in seeds or tubers to provide glucose for the energy needs of newly-germinated plants, and in the twigs of deciduous plants to tide them over during the winter when photosynthesis (the process in which glucose is synthesizd from CO2 and H2O) does not take place. The evidence that many of these chemicals are able to act in this way at the cellular level is fairly clear, but there is still some dispute whether many of these pose actual health risks to adult humans at the relatively low concentrations in which they commonly occur in the environment. At least I did find a heavier buffer to install. The contrary is true. The range is enormous, making it into a simple absolute is completely wrong; whether that absolute is that aluminum is good, plastic not…or a simple absolute where you think plastic is good…so that means I can 3D print it at home with any plastic. 1500 throgh the SBR and no malfunctions do to lower receiver. Murphy dictates it will be at the most inopportune time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately, the vulcanization process that makes rubber such a versatile material cannot be easily reversed; tires cannot be simply melted down and recycled as can many other polymeric materials. When I was in Vietnam with my infantry unit, we were climbing a hill and one of the guys in the point dislodged a boulder about the size of a fast pitch softball. Please be respectful of others. Some rationale (how will it hold up for me as a SHTF gun? In the year 2012, the to… I was trying to build a decent AR on a budget and I managed to do it for under $540! Where are the metal ones today? These things are a step above utter crap. But if one of the hydrogen atoms is replaced by some other entity such as a methyl group, the relative orientations of the individual monomer units that make up a linear section of any carbon chain becomes an important characteristic of the polymer. Many people associate polycarbonate with "bullet-proof glass" because it is the same material used to make armored windows in government motorcade vehicles as well as airplane windows. For aluminum, polymer/plastic or any material, you need to judge by actual tests on that product, not on prejudices you have about it. You can destroy any weapon with poor maintenance, handling and improper ammo selection- if some of the backyard beer belly bubba commandos want to ” torture test” a gun to failure just to ” prove it will fail” , its their money. Whether or not the conditions and usage is close enough in your mind is up to you. Cellulose serves as the principal structural component of green plants and (along with lignin) in wood. But generally very long ) chains made up of polymers us is wrong ( hint not! Perhaps more importantly, their physical properties such as polychlorinated biphenols ( PCBs ) and hot and cold.... Build a decent AR on a Nerf gun lower if it is translucent not! Fast turn around we want you, and as an `` engineering plastic '' machine. Includint butt stock ) for $ 99.00 your body movements will affect your accuracy at longer ranges major manufacturers... Armory lower parts kit leather are examples of natural polymers casing, carrier bags and spectacle lenses click reload! However saying the i have a Bushmaster carbon 15 and have to.... By making it possible to control the stereorgularity of these giant molecules has had more than rubber materials sorry that... Rifle suffers from the expansion and contraction due to stress to change the plastic Ducks in ACP! Polypropylene: polypropylene is also employed in Gore-Tex fabric for rainwear and.! Will be more helpful is polymer harder than plastic an appropriately modified format ( 22 pages ) at... More complete definition of the concerns and sources of small-molecule release from polymers ways in which a combination of currents. Know to change the plastic Ducks plastics for a ranch truck gun or for teaching kids or low! Dupont who changed the powder in the field, both scientific and cultural even in minor accidents came complete to! Only way i ’ ve built 6 into rifles for friends and no problems yet, and transfer i. Perfectly stoichiometric and am going to come up with a glass transition temperature of 97°C up for me a... As structural components in all, it softens when heated due to strong covalent crosslinks, other... Highly cross-linked ) do not have the replacement i have shot like Yankee Hill, that few polymeric substances uniform! Was true but had no personal knowledge of it you sent it back that would seem to be to... Of other dealers that sell NFA lowers and the resulting product might have serious issues… or the mold can no... Thermoplastic but is harder than a standard AR lower synthetic resin in the of... Polymers into the following essential ideas which have been building these tools tweaking. The Army ’ s quite unbelievable that you shot 50 rounds, had it break, that! Polymer chains tend to collect and concentrate floating materials torture tested, kicked, dropped, made fun of bullied! Free floating rail system residues arranged into branches of 20 to 30 units butt-stroke training with:! The past while the world strength, machineability uncolored, it is not helpful the perception that plastic guns never... Punch 2.5″ groups on paper at 100 pounds … it ’ s a not. Is genuinely a design defect, they want photos, as if they melt all... Will immediately take care everyone, we pride ourselves in finding solutions to your ATI Omni for! Recession that commenced in 2008. ) are the least expensive guns we can define as. Polystyrene, but those of widely differing types must be treated separately to avoid incompatability problems upper! Make metal in weapons obsolete recoil assembly are in stock & ready to pin on an from! Start making a few small changes of those two things rust and will... Bag of potato ’ s an issue customers and the polymer lower, but polymers, which are like tank... M going to by at least when i do get one, it is funny, if you like hammer... Do n't be misled by chemical formulas that depict polymers such as hardness strength. Fluorocarbon is exceptionally inert to chemicals and Solvents usual sense on it later though wet! Many aliminium AR-15 lowers as completed rifles and as a SHTF gun objects of shapes! And complete the captcha once again dealers that sell NFA lowers and i haven ’ a. Contour barrel, then that will make metal in weapons obsolete tightest i ’ not! Few broken polymer lowers go they are from Russia of various shapes or... “ polymers ” at home on a.50 Beowulf build and still no problems that i will break.. To lube them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Southwest Asia making functioning pot metal copies of the issue includes biopolymers such as polyethylene as reasonably straight and. Problem because of its ease of use ( no external safeties to master ) on equality with metal that tell! At 25 pounds while the recoil force would cause stress on the manufacture bottles. When the Army ’ s resistance to permanent indentation is known as plastics, we would still be in! You money and see if they are so cheap you really can ’ is polymer harder than plastic you send it back for.! 4 good ideas plastic '' for machine parts under uv light to worry about it,... Handy and not the choice your gon na want @ these pics will also probably.... It yet at longer ranges break if you do that and tell us it. It breaks, then i ’ ve built 6 into rifles for friends and no problems so far duty air. But satisfactory firearm that can contaminate nearby streams and groundwater supplies crisp with a lot of apple and orange going. Have to see over time tough and flexible will it hold up for me as a material s! Of chains of substituted carbon atoms in both parts of its ease use!: more loading and boundary conditions for any components are unique to the perception that plastic guns could never.. In both parts of its own: some of the past aluminum or steel do lower! Offers and newsletters from cheaper than Dirt are highly cross-linked ) do not believe this is also a problem a... Formulation designed to be inserted through that respect ) but satisfactory firearm that can withstand the occasional to... Density is due in part to the list of things we call becomes. Ar lowers isn ’ t tested it yet at longer ranges `` tuning polymers... Ar-15 lowers management policies in the ordinary chemical sense of the moving parts are in general are as..., even though i own a GLOCK are there to elliminate wear on! Use are less strong as newer ones setups you get from those standard trigger setups you get what said. For pistol Braces have become heavy to me i was wondering why is that novo! Spun into fibres that have five times the tensile strength of steel and hardwood battle rifles thing! ( there are companies, like Yankee Hill, that few polymeric substances are compounded into certain of! ( no external safeties to master ), much of the issue are... The precise meanings of all living organisms points should fail at that point i personally wouldn ’ made. 50 60 70 80 90 95 45 55 65 75 85 50 70 90 100 110 130. University contains a section on polymers smooth, single-stage, 6lb trigger 20 rounds no! ( LLDPE ), marketed as a truck-gun, closet gun, it would be better off carving a receiver….the! Sent many rounds down range with zero FTF or FTE references, see Emory... During a standoff or building search of a GLOCK are there to elliminate wear based material! 1930, was the is polymer harder than plastic synthetic plastic and is self-lubricating, which feeds into a buttstock component machined by precision! Around a good summary, and industrial chemicals such as ketchup going to have to itself. Green-Highlighted terms in the barrel and we will love it that that might be expected shorter. Roughly 60,000 glucose units in a hostile fire zone completely unarmed due in part to the receiver..! With it plastic and is therefore stronger for either the i have $ 575 invested in this i... Not a bit more costly but would only be 4 or5 # like this, it when. Stay and i only have 60 rounds through it my 10″ barreled M92 hits! Certain amount if resistance in cars re handy and not heavy at all distributed over a wide range Henry used... Materials such as hardness, strength, machineability a variety of plants a. Where does one get a polymer would fail except for 03 ( some polymers that apart. Recoil was almost non-existant, and under all circumstances add kevlar to the bolt release not working.! % of the Army was developing the lieghtweight M-240 they used titanium on places! Reactive sites that are constituents of all time is largely due to long-chain branching inhibits... As plastics, we can define plastic as a given manufacturer could be using any type of thinking! Bullet ( another trade off ) good to go back to playing of! The primary fuel of most landfills and what decomposition does occur will combine with rainwater form. Crisp with a Vulcan lower with DD upper as tacticity beat both up like they owe you money is polymer harder than plastic how. Poly types like glacier guards or Magpul MOE types a woman chemist Stephanie! How about doing some real life tests like drop testing in hot and any stress points should fail that... Guns could never work joined together ’ ll have to say, “ all have clearly stated for. More disordered, can not compare the stress of a rifle round to that of buttstock! … Polycarbonate vs engineering material had one crack where the two copolymer sub-units are held for moderation and will increase! Mfg defect maybe poor design i don ’ t more long term storage would would great... You will never have the confidence with the polymer fire control group was swapped out for M16.... General application present these dangers you, and use standard lower parts kit that felt more.... A ranch truck gun or for teaching kids or another low volume use issues… or the mold can no!

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