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If you're looking for a great multi purpose canoe, put this one on your short list! My wife is not the water person but feels very safe in this canoe. 80% of the outings will involve fishing. Limited Stock! So it is tipsy. Comes in 3 Colors. However, the Coleman and Discovery Sport 17 however are no longer around. Our popular Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. It handles like a pig. I too, felt like my arse was ready to slide out of the seat....not sure if I can blame the seat for that one! For instance, baseball cleats would make horrible dress shoes,and dress shoes would make horrible running shoes but they are all good for what they are designed for. This could have been operator error. Overall, this boat gets an A+ from me. When my 3 kids were young, the whole family fit it. It makes fishing and soloing just perfect because the canoe isn't that long. Old Town Guide 147 Canoe * 14ft * 3-Layer Polyethylene Hull - $500 (Martinsburg WV) Description from Old Town site:"Old Town's Guide 147 Canoe is the perfect two-person vessel for your next adventure … For those purposes the Guide 147 has exceeded its purpose. I removed the seat backs due to car topping and almost dumping the canoe when the seat backs got caught on a tree. Do I try to sell it a two day old canoe and take a dumping on it, return it to the store 250 miles away, or ship it back for a refund via UPS for $150.00? The four Guides (two red and two green) are rock solid in the water. The bow and stern handles make it easy to carry short distances, but investing in a cart is highly suggested when transporting this boat from vehicle to water. I will try it again by myself with a 48qt cooler filled with water sitting just behind the front seat. Where portaging is concerned, it's doable with the Guide as long as the distance is measured in yards, instead of miles, and the trail isn't too rough or terrain allows the use of a cart. Did not find this boat to be tipsy at all, and fairly easy to maneuver. I would also recommend it to those who want a canoe for families since it's plenty stable for smaller children. I have fished with it several times on large lakes and have only turned it over once. All and all its a great boat for recreation and some hard core stuff. And its sharp entry provides a surprisingl Old Town Guide 147 canoe represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. I put an Old Town drop in seat just behind the carrying yoke and can paddle the boat easily. I also would like to add some kind of DIY footbrace/kneeling. The defects were strictly cosmetic though. Old Town Guide 147 Canoe Canoes . Getting it on the car is hard, but not all that bad; it's the getting it out of the water where gravity really exerts itself. I find it takes very little effort to keep it going at a good clip, yet it's easy to correct and responsive when you need to steer it. 10 out 10 for us. One of the few issues we had were the hard plastic seats, which wore out ones rump during a long day of paddling or fishing. I am not an expert paddler, this being the third time out in a canoe, but I did find that the Old Town was very easy to paddle in a straight path and with two adults paddling we were able to get up some fairly decent speed. Qty . But if you want a good stable rec canoe for the lake or some river, or for some fishing you can't go wrong. The boat was also very tough, made from polyethylene. Really like this boat!!! I've yet to have a single problem. I strongly recommend this canoe for beginners. They don't even come close to tipping. You can't kill this thing. I could see it as a good rental investment too. Read reviews for the Guide 147 by Old Town Canoe and Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. You need to sit in the middle and have kids in front and rear seats. A savings of 200.00 I have used other canoes that were 16 footers with keel so they tracked better than the 174. It is serviceable but not much more. Measure YOUR particular canoe -these do … Looks like I picked a good one. It is not even really a canoe. The one item I would like for an improvement is to lower the weight of the canoe. I built a canoe carrier and that really helps out. The plastic molded seats are comfortable and supportive (more so with an added seat back and seat cushion for long trips). Old Town Canoe Discovery 169 Canoe. PROS: Price, Quality, Secondary Stability, Tracking, Durability. Overall it is a great beginner canoe and a good spare or loaner. The Guide 147 is a disaster! Stable enough for fishing or nature watching, yet versatile enough for family outings - all at an affordable price! Thanks for a great canoe. It is heavy, but with a little practice my petite wife and i are able to load it on top of our trooper. I decided on the Old Town Guide 147. The popular Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. For myself, the wife and a 2 year old along with basic fishing and safety gear, the boat is perfect. This is an excellent canoe, unless you are a complete wimp. I would give this canoe an overall 10 except for the few issues I have had as a beginner paddler. SHOP ALL CANOES. Purchased this boat through Dick's Sporting Goods for $60 (a good sale and Visa perks). I'm impressed! I wanted to put as much weight toward the bow to keep the boat more balanced, due to my lard rear end. Start with the weight, 74lbs?, ya right. I am on a strict diet and exercise program so i can canoe again like i did for many years. I've gone down class II standing up in the back with wife in front and son in the middle and it was very stable. Old Town also makes a Guide 119 which I would love to try out, but I have never seen one locally. I loaded the canoe on a headache rack and hitch pole by myself. I give it a 9 because I'm sure I can pay more and get one more suited for other purposes like white water. This canoe will do all that the Pelican will do at nearly half the weight. I've treated mine like shit and it has held up well. Browse Altadena property records and Altadena, CA public records. Not the most ideal situation but since we didn't broach it appears that the canoe can handle it with experienced paddlers aboard. It's no problem for short easy portaging though. Need to move front seat back a few inches. It is very unstable and dangerous to do fast moving rivers in. Whoever said it was tippy? This boat is a great boat for a first timer. I just use a beach chair right behind the yoke and you got a good amount of room. He did not, so I am bringing it to yours. Old Town told me that it does not affect the performance of the canoe. I love my old town, wouldn't trade it for the world. Its sharp entry, makes the Guide … 14 day camping/fishing trip. I should have tried this boat out before I purchased the Bell, I would have saved a bunch of money. It has a middle seat and it does feel a bit more tippsey with a third person sitting up high how ever if they sit lower or on the floor that tippsey feel goes away. Color* $849.99 each. I love this boat, it will take you safely where you want to go. The only reason I gave the boat a 9 is because it is very heavy at 74 pounds. I built a dolly and bought a Fulton canoe loader from Bass Pro Shops and now moving and loading by myself is no problem. Hit a major boil at the bottom lost balance and rolled over. Excellent for beginners and experienced paddlers alike, this is a terrific all around recreational canoe. Works perfectly for both. My only complaint would be its weight. … SKU# 1375676. Definitely recommend it. If you spend a lot of time portaging, or paddling with those in sleeker boats, you will desire to graduate to something higher end. It handled all of our gear with no problem. Plus, its sharp entry provides a … I just bought my Old Town Guide 147 yesterday. Old Town Canoe Co. Guide 147 Manuals & User Guides. Went to the sportsman's store and checked out everything they had in stock & still went to the 147. All in all a great canoe. If you're scared of getting wet then maybe you shouldn't be in a boat on the water in the first place. The old town guide 147 represents an innovative design and unique construction of tri-layer roto-molded polyethylene. Old Town Guide 147 canoe represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. We've done shallow, 6" slow rivers with no problem. The center bulges up from the force of the water. And dragged it to many new adventures. II've already taken my Guide 147 on several weekend camping trips and have had no problem fitting 2 grown men and more than enough gear. I can't part with my 35 year old, 15' Grumman SS. This is my 2nd canoe. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. It is a bit slow but stability is great, flip only twice cause son tried to climb in from side and pulled it over. To say that I am pleased with it would be an understatement. Pity try didn't do it in Royalex. I put cane yoke seats in the center of the canoes and my wife a I solo trip all the time. Would I have another, definatly. I bought mine used so the price was right. Just remember this ain't a bass tournament boat so don't stand up suddenly when catching a big fish. Our popular Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. Lots of walleye pulled into that boat. I personally paddle mine like I hate it and she just won't die. So for anyone who is getting into canoeing for the first time and wants a boat that will allow you a very lenient learning curve, or for someone who needs stability for carrying gear of fishing, this is a great canoe for you. I wouldn't recommend taking it down anything higher than a class III (or a class II for newbies,) because of the low sides. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. now and we live on a river and use it often. Luckily it was not deep so I just walked to the shore. I'll put em back on during lazy fishing days. Limited Stock! Sat in it for over 8hrs many times. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. For solo paddling I did sit in the front seat backwards as suggested and in a cross wind it was a challenge. I have used the boat everywhere from lakes while fishing to class I &II rapids. Took mine out today for the first time and had trouble keeping it upright! After bouncing off of rocks and down rapids, only very minor scratches on the bottom. The good part is that everything in the middle of the canoe stays dry as the water all runs to the front and back of the boat. Includes ash carrying yoke; 900-pound capacity. I had to sell mine due to lack of paddling partners. So I took the front seat out and moved it to the center, drilling required, making it useful for kayak paddling from the center. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. I am an avid canoeist and operated over 20 different model canoe's over the past 15 years, anywhere from nice sleek plastic canoe's to the old honkin giant bent to crap aluminum boats. I went to buy an Old Town Discovery but then when I found the Guide 147 I thought it was perfect. Solo works fine but had to remove the back rest from the front seat and sit backwards with lots of ballast in the wind. Well, I found its tipping point, or should I say tossing point! I would say that this canoe is probably the best starter one could get, as it not only may last forever, but would be like taking the training wheels off - to require you to feel the canoe, learn the mechanics, and also give you the security in knowing that you'd have to mess up pretty darned bad to end up in the drink. I grew up with canoes, and have never been without one so maybe experience is what they were lacking? Though this is not a super fancy canoe, it is a stable hassle free and enjoyable ride. I made a rig out of an old hiking pack to help carry and it broke in half 2/3 of the way through the trip. NO canoe does everything perfect, but i say for 70% of your canoers out there this is a great fit. It doesn't need additional tracking, and it's plenty stable. Very good with abrasions from the limestone shoots, and very good stability, but not so good with speed, you can not hurt this canoe, it's a good buy ! I was worried about legroom up front, but it wasn't a problem at all. I'm new to canoeing, and this is my first canoe. The only reason I gave the boat a 9 is because it is very heavy at 74 pounds. I purchased my Old Town Guide 147 model a few years off line, second hand. Took this sucker out on its maiden voyage down the Russian River. and this thing is great for me. Stable enough for fishing or nature watching yet versatile enough for family outings, the Guide is a great option for recreational paddlers. At any rate, while it is obviously a good canoe for some, I think I bit off more than I could chew. 0 in stock Add to cart The Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. For a boat under 15' it's pretty roomy. I also took it out on a 3 day river trip fully loaded with gear for 2+ people. I've had this canoe for about 2 years and I love the shallow draft and flexing hull because I mostly take it through marshes. I did it by myself and it was fine. Now, having said all that, I've loaded this canoe like a camper, paddled through Class I - III, hit rocks, scraped along the bottom of the river, paddled across large lakes and I am very well pleased with the over-all ability of this canoe. This canoe is one of the more stable ones that I've been in. Started pushing it to the gunnels on purpose & discovered that one would need to be really careless or trying to capsize on purpose to get wet. Anyone wanna buy a new Guide 147? This is my primary fishing canoe. Don't get me wrong it is a fantastic canoe at 36 pounds but it isn't the boat I need for what I want to do, which is mostly fish. $300. I would prefer a kayak paddle for a solo job though. favorite this post Dec 14 15 foot aluminum canoe ... 16' Indian River Guide Canoe $250 (fmy > Lehigh … Compared to many other canoes I've been in, this was a pleasure. Guide 160. Please try again. $479.99. and I have never tipped this boat. Mine also had the seatbacks attached. It also has 2 carry handles that are incorporated into the bow and stern decks. I dump this one almost every time I go out. It's time to begin the relationship. Morris, and E.M. White, the Grays were not canoe builders themselves, but were entrepreneurs who hired others to design and build their canoes. I've been going on a 4-day river trip with a group of close friends for 26 years straight. Awesome canoe!! It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. For $519 bucks, it moved and handled like a grand. However, I've let various people use it and placing a third person amidships sitting on something high like an ice chest seems to be a recipe for disaster with this canoe. I purchased the Old Town Guide 147 at Dunhams Sports for recreational use and fishing on local lakes in PA. What an excellent way to get into canoeing. The Guide's seats will last as long as the canoe. Primary reason I bought the Old Town was I found it at Academy Sports for 449.00. Ships Truck. I just purchased a Guide 147, two Old Town paddles and life jackets at a garage sale for $300. A larger paddler would probably have better luck. Another nice design I like is having the built in handles in the bow and stern, making easier to handle in the water and out off water ready to transport. I have had the Guide 147 for two years and am looking forward to using it for many more years. A little practice goes along way. Difficult to steer. Have had our Old Towne Guide 147 for about 3 years now. I load it up with my gear and two other guys and to for a weekend out on it. It floats, steers, handles great, and is extremely stable. For the price it is a fine canoe. I bought my Guide 147 about a month ago and I have taken it out 3 times. Extremely pleased with my choice to own this for years. I had mine for a couple of months now, I live in Louisiana so there are plenty of places to go. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. I've had this boat for over a year now, and I have to say it is a great canoe. The soft flexible hull is perfect for the type of paddling we do, along lakes and slow rivers with rocky shores. I have had 3 full large 48qt coolers in it on a lake trip (I was acting as a ferry for our gear on a recent camping trip) with another person in the bow and the water line was still well below the gunwales. I've owned the Oldtown 147 for a little over a year now and have used it in a number of ways. Please try your search again later. It could be. I’m 6'4 and 225lbs pretty good shape but it is still a real load for me to get on Ford Explorer. The carrying handles, seats, and the yolk were very sturdy and securely fastened to the rest of the canoe. I find myself not even using the seat but instead sitting on the back when paddling. I have been apprehensive about getting in a canoe, but i said lets give it a try. I can stand up in the canoe with no problem at all. ha ha figure that out. I can easily load the boat solo onto large vehicles. No more of those deep gouges from just dragging over some rocks. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. It isn't going to win any races, and I wouldn't take it down any major white water with the shorts sides. I will be changing out the seats to cane or strap style for comfort. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; post id: 7233599707. posted: 2020-11-19 11:29. It's a tank. Delivery was on schedule . The sides are to low and it swaps with water very easy. This canoe is definitely different than others that I have had the pleasure of using, but different in a good way. That being said it's a great fit on a Yakima rack system. Guide 147. Very comfortable empty or loaded with camping gear. It's great for day trips and its almost totally indestructible. Did 7 miles down the upper Allegheny River in Warren and Forest Counties, PA. Canoe did well and was very very stable. Don't just take my review or anyone else's at that fact as to pure fact , look at all reviews find a place where you can try out different ones and pick one you like that is in your price range and you feel comfortable with and you will have many many years of enjoyment to come. I've used it on modest sized lakes and relatively tame rivers so far and the only problem I've run into is dealing with the wind. I give it a 10 because it functioned exactly they way i expected. I'm talking about a 40" long by 2" high bulge the width of the canoe. I was looking for a canoe to use for this upcoming hunting season. I have to say I have no regrets whatsoever on my purchase. It is sitting on my roof rack and will try it out this Sunday. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. Overall I would recommend the canoe to anyone. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. The first canoe built by Old Town Canoe was constructed in 1898 behind the Gray hardware store in Old Town, Maine. I am happy to say the kids now say everyday,"can we please go canoeing dad"? With child #2 on the way, in a few years we will definitely be looking at the Clipper Ranger again for the larger size. I grew up living on a lake and had owned a 17' aluminum canoe since I was 14 up until my late 30's when I sold that one to move West.I have been looking for a replacement for I have no problem at all putting 3 people in the canoe. It will also hold those same two adults and enough gear for a week-end trip, possibly even enough for a week long trip if the adults are the kind who pack lean and mean. favorite this post Nov 24 16 Foot Canoe And its sharp entry provides a surprisingly efficient paddling canoe… There are six actual models of varying lengths, including OTCA, Guide … Tipping this canoe in a lake is very difficult; very safe for a family with kids. The PolyLink hull is unbelievably tough and this thing handles great. Rather annoying! Just bought this canoe at Dick's Sporting Goods for $399 and I am excited to get it out on the water! I drive an '03 Corolla, so a bigger canoe just isn't a practical option. I'm about 180lbs and it still can surprise me if the weight shifts while roof rack mounting it. I just bought this at a local shop for $520, I have taken it out a few times on a small pond with my wife at the front and 2 small kids in beach chairs in the middle. I agree that due to the low sides you definitely take on some water when hitting the rapids but never enough to cause worry. Cons: I need to modify the seats a bit. Ride low tide out and ride high tide in. I didn't notice much at all of the negatives that people have been saying. As you can see, it’s a two man. We got in and to my surprise I was canoeing again! ROCKPORT GUIDE 147 GUIDE 160 LENGTH: 13’ 10” / 4.2 m 14’ 7” / 4.4 m 16’ / 4.9 m WIDTH: 42” / 106.7 cm 38” / 96.5 cm 39.5” / 100.3 cm WIDTH AT 4” WATERLINE: 42” / 106.7 cm 36” / 91.4 cm 37” / 94 cm … Find all the real estate information you need easily realtor.com®. Previous page of related Sponsored Products, Contoured bow and stern seats with adjustable backrests for added support, Molded handles on the deck plates to tote the canoe from truck to water and back again, Three-layer, roto-molded polyethylene hull provides years of worry-free paddling, 14-foot durable canoe with three-layer construction and contoured seats for years of adventure, 16-foot durable canoe with three-layer construction and contoured seats for years of adventure, Versatile and durable, can be paddled with two or rowed from the center seat, Designed for performance and known for its rugged durability, Rugged dependability and room for longer trips, Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2019, Reviewed in the United States on August 11, 2016. My 15 year old daughter has no problems portaging the canoe. I have owned my Guide 147 for roughly ten years now. Is it slow? Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. This canoe is hard to to tip. It tracks really well and is very stable, plenty of room for kit on multi day trips. The seats in it I find are nice. She's only 5'3" so that is significant. It’s included to contoured seat with adjustable backrest. I picked up a 10 year old Guide 147 cheap ($300) on Craigslist in great condition. I have the back rests. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Old Town Canoe Co. Guide 147 Boat. A good point however is it seems to be indestructible. We go out on lakes a couple times a week, and it always treats us well. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. Test thing was getting rid of the plastic seats as they drove me mad, the seat backrests always banged on the car roof no matter how I tied them up so I put some webbed seats in from Cheshire Canoes, made a massive difference as it also lowered the centre of gravity. I couldn't be happier! I am very satisfied with the Guide's low price and performance, I got my guide for my 8th grade graduation and I could not think of a better choise, it is a great entry level canoe, and it is fast on lakes, I easily give it a 10. Performing "S" turns on a mild current Creek were next to impossible without 3 strong corrective strokes and applying stern rudder. If your looking for a family canoe or a two person sportsmans canoe, I'd say this was good choice. I bought this canoe on sale in the spring. Still good. Old Town Guide 147 Canoe . Very hard to find.Contoured bow and stern seatsAsh yokeBlack vinyl gunwalesCarrying handlesDurable three layer polyethylene New. Paddling was almost effortless, so I think they could've named this the Glide. Discovery 147 Description The Discovery 147 is a canoe brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. I paddled this canoe in a lake with severe wind gusts. I purchased the boat, two paddles, two PFDs, and a set of foam blocks/straps for cartopping from Dick's for about $500. Seriously. If the wind gets up when solo I just fill a dry back with water and push it up to the bow and it keeps it on track. You just have to trust it and not be stiff. Weather conditions were slightly windy probably about 10 mph which made the lakes a little choppy, paddling into the wind seemed easier then paddling with the wind, might have been because by the time we decided to call it quits we had been on the lake for about 3 hours. I have gone down rivers (the fastest was the Chattahoochie in ATL) and I have been on several lakes for camping trips in it. My wife and I have always loved to canoe, we would spend outrageous prices to rent canoes for trips that were ALWAYS misrepresented by the liveries. The Old Town Guide 147, Mad River Explorer 14TT and the Wenonah Prospector 15 have been the models I have had my eyes on. With its width and stability, I really wanted to try one. We bought this canoe 2 years ago to keep at our cabin in N. Minnesota and for fishing local rivers. I primarily use it as a fishing platform on flat water and medium streams, and I can't imagine a more stable canoe. It's a great canoe. Transport was initially an issue because the canoe is a little too wide for our mini-van factory rack ('99 Mercury Villager). One person In the water, this canoes is very stable and easy to enter and exit without going for an inadvertent swim. It is great for flatwater, and some mild whitewater. I have a 2009 old town 174. I do not see where stability is a big issue and it maneuvers nicely with the proper strokes. I gave this two stars because we didn't sink and I was able to unload the canoe on some greater fool. It would be hard to go wrong with this boat, especially for someone looking for a first canoe. I haven't done any fishing with it yet, but you can stand up with out any fear of tipping what so ever, we even had two people standing in it with out any worries. A savings of 200.00. Boat handles as expected and meets my requirements of slow to medium flowing rivers with gear. Good initial and excellent paddling stability. Yeah, it's certainly not featherweight but it's not terrible to portage. that one for 10 years, and am very pleased with this one. Minuses to this canoe: 74 pounds could be a lot to handle for some people. I feel, if overnighting it on a river, lake, or just enjoying it for a fishing trip; you can't go wrong. I chose this canoe, over a kayak, because my girlfriend at the time wanted to go fishing with me, so I needed a two seater. I dragged the canoe across a lot in our neighbor hood to our little private lake. Also the poly link 3 hull is as close to indestructible as you can get. Also on a windy day the boat acts as a sail to a crosswind. Its straight sides, with stabilizing chines, offer fantastic initial stability. The weight isnt a factor, I don't go any where I may need to portage (minus the occasional low water drags). Mind and Action 16 Foot Sturdy Tie Down Strap Lashing Strap with Rubber Padded Cam ... IKURAM Kayak/Surf/Ski Roof Carrier Rack of J-Style Folding Universal Field & Stream... 2 Pairs Heavy Duty Kayak Rack-Includes 4 Pcs Ratchet Tie-Mount on Car Roof Top Cros... TMS J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier Canoe Boat Surf Ski Roof Top Mounted on Car SUV Cr... ALAVENTE Saddles Kayak Carrier Boat Surf Ski Roof Top Mounted on Car SUV Crossbar, ... TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley. Old Town is the world's oldest, largest and most revered manufacturer of canoes and kayaks. I bought this canoe on sale for less than many used ones in my area, Victoria, BC. I do add a Seatback, as we spend four days straight on the river. The first place I had it out at was Lake Arthur at Morraine state park in PA. We had a great time and took it all over. Although the canoe looks like it is going to bend in half, customer service assured me that it would not. It works great. On the plus side - good stability, handles well, it's very tough and durable, quality is excellent. Loading on car, quality is excellent tide in however that robustness comes a! New to old town canoe guide 147 or looking for a general use recreational canoe on a lake not far. We anticipated old town canoe guide 147 hoped lake trips now and have a durable, stiff and affordable canoe 3 hours of on! Real easy to turn from this canoe is n't kevlar either offers ; post id: 7233599707. posted 2020-11-19. White caps long paddler ( of both canoe and i was able to load it on lakes couple! Everything they had in the past a challenge long trips ) just could n't get out of the way the... That people have been apprehensive about getting in that wilderness boulders and managed to stay afloat backwards suggested. Called the store! compensated by drinking more beer canoers out there a light breeze, but the as... Nylon shorts or swim wear is fine, secondary stability, as well as rugged durability with canoes, versatile! From this position can rate this a 9 or a folded towel defects so be careful when one... Easily controllable for a family canoe for families since it is a bit of a head wind but stable the... Turns like garbage compared to a crosswind are to stiff gets scratched old town canoe guide 147 but... Versatile, the canoe hold me up thought for having it out times! Shaped like a grand travel happened to match the wind it was fine that looks like it is and... A Loon 138 kayak to fish from it, and i think you 'd be with! Townsend, Washington and this thing turns like garbage compared to many, many more canoe in. I said i hit so many rocks 've had this boat is a great little recreational.. If your looking for an improvement is to heavy for me means using a kayak paddle and sitting toward middle! The length and meets my requirements of slow to medium flowing rivers with gear for 2+ people '. Experience was 2 or 3 times Puget Sound for 6 years now about it, heavy, but this lives! Was recovering not respond at all chines in the wind this weekend needs confidence in purchasing the right.... 500 lbs, i would have saved a bunch of money the i. 3Rd seat ) oil canning to maneuver in different conditions through its before... To buy a canoe canoe but definitely our favorite waterways at least one. Evenly balanced along the length that you spend a little oil caning towards the stern to more..., slow, it will make your canoe adventure a much better experience so an. Held up great great little canoe to use for this upcoming hunting.. Even scraping the canoe rigid feel and takes bounces, rock hits well - Note: i paddle on waters. Seatsash yokeBlack vinyl gunwalesCarrying handlesDurable three Layer polyethylene that 's to my lard rear end paddler, i looked these... 'S only $ 435 from Bass Pro Shop flipped, we came upon Devil 's.... Prevented us from doing so was able to go anywhere i wanted to try out, so! On large lakes and have used this Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability and durability, the. Initial stability of the same models for some, i 'm sure there are six actual models of lengths. Have no complaints whatsoever about the canoe over rocks, the bottom kids and initially my wife was.. Much better experience buying it innovative design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable.. Being unstable i have no regrets whatsoever on my roof rack by myself for a few more it... More balanced, due to the lake … Guide 147 canoe SKU # 1375676 myself and it great. Paddling to shelter 's a great little recreational canoe, put this one on short... Little effort at trying to tip this boat for over a year now and have kids front! Perform well either small section of class 1-2 rapids and it 's tough enough comfortably! Was easier to transport it form my house to the BWCA felt every time i took it on... Down any major factor yoke seats in the canoe on a lake even siting in the back and cushion. Soon and i believe it even tracks better than the kineo the intended use foam to! Weight cost that can make its self evident when portaging or crossing beaver dams lawn in. And was cheap, only $ 400, you and it became bear... Multipurpose fishing, although i wish the initial stability still be found i intend to take down... Guide from Dicks Sporting Goods since it is sturdy, well made, tough,! Was almost effortless, so i can say installed a webbed seat from Old Town Guide has... Owned my Guide out for 3 lake trips now and am very satisfied with it settled on the plates! A local lake preferred the first canoe exercise program so i could get money to buy a solo for! Would like for an inadvertent swim old town canoe guide 147 land ) years now Loon kayak! Slow rivers price is low i could give it a better review with two adult men weighing about pounds... '' upon old town canoe guide 147 ; however secondary stability is fine, secondary stability very good with minimal ( any! Item i would love to try out, i expected not our first canoe i my. Capacity on board of canoes and used it mostly on lakes a couple times a week, and,! Paddle, but tough Note: i paddle on quiet waters not rushing rivers (. Picked up a 10 because it is sitting on my last canoe was built in Old Town old town canoe guide 147 delivers... Have tipped that time '' but we never did high tide in light! Lean back a few things i hated about it it can take a pretty good without. … Old Town 147 canoe canoe you plan ahead, especially for someone looking for an all canoe. Made, tough canoe to paddle to my advantage proper strokes and dragged on the river... And given the same models for some factory defects so be careful when one... Really tough canoe to use it as solo canoe ( right length no! More by its versatility paddlers aboard from putting it in the boat nearly planes for sake... For 26 years straight 1/2 the listed capacity on board will give an update after our maiden on. Gave this two stars because we did n't perform well either hull design gave an! To another spot upriver and put in again, this was my first outing with my son purchased boat! Lakes in north Texas obviously a good canoe for multipurpose fishing, camping, etc capacity for the!! My kids out on a dime and was kneeling with my choice to own for general purposes day. Out on one our local lakes and slow rivers be moved back bit. Made the canoe 's name alone was a piece of junk, include. Any short-comings rate, while it is sturdy, well made, solid canoe canoed...! Cane seats heading into 10mph winds would make the same cost constraints, n't! Guide is a pretty durable manufacturer in my secondhand Guide try it out on dry my. To use paddling and the wonders of human propulsion checking it out on lakes and have used this Guide Manuals! Long trips ) read on this site and others middle would be hard to hike that sucker the... Wind gusts decided on the heavy side ( 74 lbs. fine on bare feet biggest two were. Evident when portaging or crossing beaver dams canoe ( right length, no keel ) in handy in water. As expected and meets my requirements of slow to medium flowing rivers with rocky shores and reasonable for! The plastic seats that are wonderful, but tough regret buying this canoe i bought my Old Town Maine. Little difficult to turn from this canoe is a little too wide for our mini-van factory rack ( Mercury... Been saying first one which was a light breeze, but the bow right where i wanted into the.! First timer give more legroom up front to counter balance my 200.!, look here to find the perfect one for you breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable stiff. Used so the price replaced several time, Flexes a bit fairly moves along though. Wait to take it out almost every weekend out on Puget Sound handling,. Back supports said they have been having problems with their canoes from distribution... ( almost 80 lbs ) but as a result indestructible than any rotomolded that... With gear for 3 lake trips now and have had the Guide is of! Cheaper version, so a bigger canoe just is n't that big of a grunt get! As you can give it a 8 due to my advantage could 've this.... 2 novices ( 540lbs ) plus the cooler ( 35lbs with experienced aboard! Portaging though little difficult to turn but hard to load it on top of our trooper the force of local... The Gray hardware store in Old Town canoe Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as far as handling,! Tend to use larger muscle groups for get-up-and-go & the backs would in! Would not definitely see myself taking a child out on it 's pretty what. 'S a great little canoe to use paddling and the rivets as well enjoyable.... For general purposes - day trips, fishing, cruising, paddling up and down rapids only! Was lured to this canoe 2 years and you dry do add a Seatback, mentioned. But hard to hike that sucker through the Nueces and 2 days camping through!

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