do driveway pavers add value to your home

If you are like many homeowners, you are and have been ready to see that dreamscape become a reality and interlocking pavers should be at the top of your list as far as options. If you’re looking to spruce up your home and increase its worth, consider starting the process with pavers. Your repair will not leave a telltale sign like you see with other types of surfaces. And just like that, you’ve increased the value of your property. 7 Ideas for Driveway Edging. People will not slip on them when they are wet. We back up that statement by offering our exclusive “Best Price & Value Guarantee.”. A pavestone patio will make you want to cook out every evening and spend more time relaxing out of doors. You may like the effect of using several different colors, styles and patterns that work together to create a truly unique pavestone patio. Designing value-boosting pathways and driveways is about knowing where you want viewers to look as they approach their destination (whether by foot or by vehicle) and what features of the home you want to emphasize. We have both in house crews who work solely for Install It Direct as well as exclusive access to the best subcontractors in the industry. Curb Appeal. Single slab driveways can crack due to heavy loads, extreme weather, shifting ground, and other factors. If you live in an area that’s more susceptible to earthquakes, you should consider installing pavers. They are sure to fall in love with the exterior before even entering the house when they see the beautiful patio pavers well installed and decorated. It takes knowledge and skill to install pavers correctly. Add Curb Appeal and Value to Your Home Pavers can be made from stone, brick or concrete, come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, which means you can create the exact look that's perfect for you! Proudly serving San Diego and Orange County, California. below. Add value to your home. Paver driveways are skid-proof and slip-proof. We hire only the best crews that specialize in their particular area of expertise. Adding a paver walkway from your driveway to your yard is easy and will add a lot of value to your home with minimal cost and effort. … You can view our range of driveway pavers … When the driveway starts to show some cracks, it’s fairly easy to patch or resurface it altogether. Hiring Install It Direct for your project will ensure that you get superior products and Southern California’s best crews to install your pavers. However, there is also another type of value that is important and can influence your listing price, selling price and the value placed on your home by an appraiser. Today, there are many different ways to use your current driveway border, and enhance your property to increase the value of your home. Beautiful Hardscapes at Affordable Prices. Saturday - 9:00am - 5:00pm Beautifully designed pavers can easily enhance your landscaping, making its overall appearance more attractive. [CDATA[ We use sand specifically designed for pavers over the rock-hard base. They’re the finishing touch on your front and backyard. Pavers make the job easy. Selling your home means a lot of tidying, pruning and fixing up- especially when it comes to your garden. When you are ready to upgrade your property with paving stones, sign up for a free estimate. Prospective buyers always see the outside of a house before the inside. When you want to have a lovely lawn to enhance the beauty of your gorgeous new pavestone driveway and walkways, consider getting high-quality artificial grass. Another benefit of pavers is how easy and low cost any repairs will be. Adding a good quality driveway adds between 5 percent and 10 percent to your home, depending on where you live and the overall value of your home. It’s important to note that pavers require such little maintenance anyways that after installation they entail less repair or maintenance than concrete that cracks or sags. For a more dramatic curb appeal, install the pavers of your choice, and create a pattern in the middle of the area with the same pavers or with several different types or colors of pavers. 5 Important Reasons You Should Hire A Paving Contractor. A beautifully paved, well maintained driveway can increase the value of your home by as much of the cost or value of the driveway itself. We employ efficient business methods and strive to reduce our overhead. Request an estimate and design consultation today by filling out our short form Sunday - Closed, 8309 Tujunga Ave. Ste. Driveway ideas with pavers – Let’s improve the curb appeal of your house’s exterior with these driveway ideas with pavers. The market value of your home is also essential in putting the right price on your home if you plan to put it on the market. In no time, you’ll have a newly paved walkway, driveway, or patio and can use it almost immediately after installation. While paver patios are an incredible home addition, it is not recommended to build a patio that fails to blend in with the rest of your home or property. The sub-base must be compacted properly to avoid air gaps and future problems. With pavers, however, you’ll be good to go in no time. Define different areas with the various paving stone styles, and you are sure to get rave reviews from your guests. Installing pavers on your property is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value and enhance its aesthetics. Asphalt is more flexible making it less likely to crack over time. The base must be compacted to a 95 percent level. Increase Your Property Value With a Paving Stone Makeover. Some of the considerations concern details like ensuring that water flows away from the house. Stone or concrete pavers combine strength with flexibility, making them much better at withstanding these stressors. “The condition of the driveway sets the tone for the condition of the home,” said Amanda Miller, a real estate agent with Sotheby’s International Realty in Greenwich, Conn. Pavers utilize an interlocking system that allows the surface of the ground to flex as the earth moves. Pavers give a pleasant appearance to any outdoor area. Driveway edging is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to beautify your property. The width of the driveway, the aesthetics of the paved driveway and your particular neighborhood may also have an impact. 6. Nothing brings a landscape to life like the work of art pavers can create. As for whether pavers actually increase home value, it’s not the pavers themselves that matter. Flat, or raised driveway edging pavers will bring any pathway to life. The safety they provide will give you peace of mind. Your driveway edging options include these seven ideas, plus many more. Upgrading your driveway offers an endless amount of … If you’re looking to spruce up your home and increase its worth, consider starting the process with pavers. In that way, we can closely control the quality of work our crews provide for our customers. An Install It Direct professional design consultant will help you plan your project. Make a functional piece of your yard a feature for your home. What could be better than increasing your property value and increasing the enjoyment you get from your home at the same time? Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm Most homeowners don’t think about their driveways much at all, but if you can create a driveway that’s well-designed it can ultimately improve the overall curb appeal of your property and provide a very aesthetic appeal that can add a ton of value to your home. Concrete. Some of our cost-cutting measures include not hiring sales people and relying on satisfied customers’ word of mouth as our primary means of advertising. Install some outdoor lightingThe first step toward turning your backyard into a … The aesthetics of your home are just as important as the functionality and pavers are great for adding value to your home. Experiment with different designs by laying some small pieces of paper on a table in various patterns until you find one that pleases you. It is durable and in … Cars will not skid on them during rainy weather. When you’re listing your house for sale in one of these unpredictably shaky areas like California, home buyers will be attracted to the durability that pavers offer. Our efficiency enables us to offer lower prices for our services and products. There are a bunch of products that are used for a driveway in the high-end houses. There are codes to follow during a paver installation. Paver Patterns and Design Ideas for Your Patio, Artificial Grass Installation Services in San Diego and Orange County, Artificial Grass Cost – Installation Price Guide. Pavers, however, give you something nice to look at. While they increase the value of your home, a nice paved driveway can also help sell your home FASTER. You’ll surely be impressed with what an amazing paver patio, driveway or walkway can do for your home’s resale value. It will just remain beautiful and valuable. In the UK the added value to that a driveway can add is upward of £22,000. Pavers can increase home value in many different ways. A new pavestone driveway will make your home look more inviting. You can learn more about the interlocking intelligence of pavers on this post, but essentially concrete is not capable of flexing in the same way that pavers can. They are sure to fall in love with the exterior before even entering the house when they see the beautiful pavestone walkways, patios and pool areas. Compared to other home modifications, installing pavers won’t give you a headache. Simply remove the necessary pavers, make the repair, and replace them. Adding pavers to your sidewalk or driveway is a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal and add value. Meanwhile with a concrete pour it can take much longer. Think about the difficulty of getting access to pipes under a concrete driveway or pool deck to make repairs. You may want to look through our examples, which can give you some new ideas. Just replace only the stained pavers, and the entire area will be as good as new again. Incidentally, you will not find a better company to provide and install synthetic turf than Install It Direct. A walkway of paving stones makes an attractive entrance for any home. Most homeowners don’t think about their driveways much at all, but if you can create a driveway that’s well-designed it can ultimately improve the overall curb appeal of your property and provide a very aesthetic appeal that can add a ton of value to your home.. Select the “Get Started” button on the top of this page to request a free consultation and estimate from our experts. You can use for around your home, pathways and alfresco areas if you wish to have a uniform and cohesive look. If the ground were to move, the concrete would crack with it while the pavers would stay intact. Let’s learn more about increasing your home value with pavers. For high-quality paving and new driveway construction and repair and construction, seek the services of a professional. By paving your driveway … Our exposed aggregate driveway pavers not only look impressive but they also complement a range of other landscape products such as our garden path pavers, garden edging and garden walls and retaining walls. Time spent outside is always more enjoyable when you are surrounded by beauty. © 2018 Pacific Pavingstone.A Division of Pacific Outdoor Living. Along with proper lawn maintenance, this could help contribute to a … Additionally, if concrete gets stained or cracked, it’s nearly impossible to seamlessly fix this blemish. In fact, landscaping your property can lead to a 200 to 300% ROI increase according to real estate experts, which you can read more about here. A damaged driveway can definitely turn someone away because it hasn’t been well … You will get the most value from your pavers when you have them installed by an experienced, professional crew. This is just a condensed version of all the details involved with installing pavers. One final point about paved driveways. Aside from a monstrous incident like an earthquake, many daily activities such as pulling out of the driveway have the potential to easily damage concrete surfaces. With pavers, however, no mortar is used to install the stones, so if one becomes cracked or stained it can easily be swapped out. A higher property value can be a real asset when the time comes to sell your home. Sometimes the … Focus on areas that increase ‘perceived value’ It's time to learn more... Find out … Ranging from simple to more intricate designs, pavers have the ability to enhance the particular style of your home. Install It Direct guarantees that we will give you the best price on paver installation. Adding a paver driveway can up your curb appeal like no other material and can give your home a unique look … Pavers simply enhance the way your whole property looks, because let’s be honest: concrete or asphalt can only look so nice. We currently service most areas in San Diego County and Orange County, California. Proudly serving San Diego and Orange County, California. “In our area of the country, a paved, well-maintained driveway could add $10,000 to $20,000 to the value of a property,” Lucas says. Our pavers in driveways or any other areas have manufacturer’s lifetime guarantees against cracking or breaking. Easy to Repair. You will not need to worry about people slipping on wet surfaces when you install paving stones by your pool. Pacific Outdoor Living has won the 2017 HNA Awards! You will be surprised at how many people choose to sit on the wall instead of on your patio furniture. The pavers are non-skid and non-slip, a crucial feature for pool decks. The more interesting you make the journey, the more value you add to your home. It’s what they create; their sum is greater than their parts. Make a low wall of pavers surrounding your patio, garden area or pool, and you will never run out of places to sit. They may decide they want to buy your home before getting out of their vehicle when you have an attractive pavestone driveway. Pavers utilize an easy interlocking technology that doesn’t require any mortar to set the stones. Increase the Value of Your Home with a New Driveway. A walkway of paving stones makes an attractive entrance for any home. Try installing a paver walkway. 101 Sun Valley, CA 91352, Phone: 818-275-8613 Toll-Free: 888-600-7224,, //

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