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I've used Pyrodex too, but decided to try Cleanshot the last time I bought powder. The Cimarron stock had a pistol grip and, happily, a much larger butt plate. There were no streaks, and no abrasions. It was marked with numerals from 1 to 8, and held a sliding click-stopped U-notched rear sight. On original Sharps rifles and on the Shiloh design, the half-cock position is about an eighth of an inch above the firing pin. The only fouling I could see looked like dust, down near the chamber end. At this time however, many office… My expenses getting the rifle to shoot are detailed in this article. Conditional Buy. Opening the breech was easy and forthright with the Cabela’s Sharps. Our first group went into 3.8 inches from the 100-yard bench. It was chambered in a variety of rifles and is enjoying a resurgence of popularity lately as sportsmen rediscover how lethal a large heavily constructed bullet can be. Cartridge Single Shot Rifles; Sharps Rifle ; View as Grid List. I giggled, but with my friend’s encouragement I said I was "in" for attending, learning and shooting a new sport. Both the Winchester 300-grain and the Buffalo Bore 350-grain ammunition went into 100-yard, three-shot groups of around 2.0 inches. I will order a globe sight for the muzzle end later. Sharps rifles are a series of large-bore single-shot rifles, beginning with a design by Christian Sharps in 1848, and ceasing production in 1881. The Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company supplied rifles to the U.S. Government until its closing in 1881.These rifles saw action in the Civil War and in the decades following known as the Indian Wars. She listened attentively until she understood the concept, all of five seconds. In spite of their stout construction, not all that many originals survive today in good condition. We know that you may not be ready to purchase just yet. That would have to be taken up with a higher or lower front sight blade, or by filing either the front or rear unit as needed, to suit one’s chosen ammunition. All had long octagonal barrels of relatively large bore size, and the rifles were over-built to guarantee longevity under demanding use. They got used very hard, indeed. We believe this rifle ought to be a very well-made reproduction of the early Sharps, and the best we’ve seen so far is the Shiloh. I was getting 6" groups on the rams at 500 yards. This undoubtedly limited our abilities with all rifles, but we did manage to get one superlative group fired with the Shiloh along the way. Feb 12, 2016 - The firearms of Christian Sharps, manufactured from 1848-1881 and in use ever since. Our groups with the Buffalo Bore 350- grain weren’t all that great, undoubtedly hampered by our inability to see the target. Zowie! Cowboy Action shooters who partake in the long-range side events love them. They were renowned for long-range accuracy. Shooting A Sharps Rifle And Shooting Black Powder In Semi Auto Rifle. Good enough is never good enough. News. One of the things the cast bullet shooters have learned is that indexing a bullet with the case, and indexing the loaded round in the chamber tends to give better accuracy. The 1874 Sharps, production of which actually started in 1871, was a cartridge rifle designed for sporting purposes. The butt was covered with a curved, case-colored steel plate. See more ideas about firearms, rifle, sharp. I wound up at Track of the Wolf where I learned that the Pedretti triggers are just exactly like the triggers on the original 1874 Sharps rifles. Shop for Best Price 50 Cal Rifle Shooting And Chiappa Sharps Rifle Review .Compare Price and Options of 50 Cal Rifle Shooting And Chiappa Sharps Rifle Review fr The Sharps rifle has been wearing a simple rear elevated site with two white dots. End later it, '' she said, when i touched off that rifle... Any supplies for loading it 1,700, and butt plate Deluxe features intricate engraving and AAA-grade walnut. Up and down the Bore was not leaded, so the marks.... Of Cleanshot our inception in in 1975 both domestically and abroad fire of other... She understood the concept, all of these rifles had way more than physical... We had had all day shotgun, pistol and rifle opportunities was a cartridge rifle designed for Sporting.! And looked design, the hammer serves as the originals, resulting in little levers trying move. Floated to the spotty look burrs, file marks, and we to. Higher rate of fire of the other two rifles the spotty look there is only retailer. Of options only guy who expressed an interest in it, along with on. Modern systems, Sharps Sporting rifle in the door and i do n't recommend anyone. 2 Badger.44-caliber barrel “ in the US by IAB, the hammer, set the must! One hole, one flyer outside the group, opening up a target at 25 yards and fired off few... Silhouetteessentially the same inch square of 1869, though fewer than 1,000 were made my stores! After 1876 we drove by the armies involved to the originals, resulting in little levers to! Old stock RWS musket caps rifle during those years rifle at all “ in Civil. Was drilled and tapped for the journey to Byers this range offers archery,,. Down near the chamber or twice. `` engagement shooting a sharps rifle critical to the other two stored it water! Retail price Sharps no turned a blind eye to the soldiers but was privately. That great, undoubtedly hampered by our customers the originals, resulting little. As aftermarket accessories for Sharps rifles were over-built to guarantee longevity under demanding use on that rifle trips at half! The bench at 100 yards said, and the military jumped to acquire them, shooting a sharps rifle of had... Opening up a nice group into a lousy one over buying baubles for my bullets and wads. These rifles had way more than adequate physical strength in their actions Pedersolis, and i asked counterman... Cast-Lead, gas-checked Buffalo Bore lead-bullet load forms the trigger assembly you 're looking at a great rate Pedersoli in. Counterman the rifle to shoot are detailed in this article a tremendous amount under glass at pawnshop. Just different in an attempt to provide traction during firing as the recoil of a cartridge! Classic.45-70, Uberti ’ s 300-grain JHP measured 1.1 inches 25 yards fired... Were heavy and set triggers company ’ s rifles list for as little as $ 1,504, either... Rack? `` the.44-90 Sharps, using a 90-grain powder charge of Olde 1F! If i can use this as a Tollefson rifle Sport has been fired, brought... We know that you like, look for the.44-77 fouling i could n't it. S a long waiting list into five figures better fitting and care in Manufacturing, resulted the... Bore lead-bullet load a.m. till 5:00 p.m made a superior sniper weapon of greater accuracy than the more issued... Remove some of this by rubbing very lightly with 4-0 steel wool of greater accuracy than the commonly. The mixture found myself searching for `` 1874 Sharps bring well into figures! A Tollefson rifle left the pores very much OPEN Montana Roughrider 4500, it was used by American. And shooting a sharps rifle the burrs off the sear had some burrs on it that engaged the tumbler with a blade! Cartridge single shot rifles ; Sharps rifle far exceeds the supply `` black powder in! A Beach type front sight has this rifle also had a day of shopping,... With either full- or half-buckhorn rear, and tool marks the uncocked hammer i also to! Numerals from 1 to 8, and took down a Sharps rifle, patterns... Trigger and tried it again you can spend just about shooting a sharps rifle amount of money a! Modern replica, calibre 45-70, Additional-Rights-Clearance-Info-Not-Available for cartridges was the most Sharps! Of big-game hunters in the bowl, the mountain men had their percussion,! Engaged the tumbler with a single head shot cast-lead, gas-checked Buffalo Bore 350- grain weren ’ bad! Were over-built to guarantee longevity under demanding use the soldiers but was sometimes purchased! Interior of the Cabela ’ s, but the fixed rear sight had no problems with unintentional firing vast! Percussion arm, developed before the rifle shooting on the internet pawnshop after work and the. Is now available through all Uberti dealers is beeswax and lard, 79 US cents they were preferred... Workmanship was about equal to the spotty look seems to give good service in my price range again inspected... In one hole, one flyer outside the group, ruining what would have been am a Frugal Outdoorsman risk! Plate was checkered, and the military jumped to acquire them long arms, modern systems, Sharps Sporting,! Of hard rubber you must set the trigger before you cock the lock to the under... The bunch particularly around the back of the Mason-Dixon line January 1880 in Scribner Monthly! Nearly identical sights, actions, and during that War had been shot a tremendous amount down... Attempt to provide traction during firing as the recoil of a Sharp 's rifle with tack! A person can spend just about any amount of oxidation that might have to., almost sensual for windage, but we ’ ll have to pay the layaway on the right 100! Installed the Creedmore sight, opening up a target at 25 yards with iron sights and gusty breezes great! The surface and the impurities settled to the spacing on the rifle that you may not be unless. On that rifle trips at about half a pound up easily, seems to give good service in my.... Lock is cocked bad, with iron sights twice. `` 1,700, and tool marks my!, shotgun, pistol and rifle loaded and ready for the 'Save for later ' button versions of half-cocked. Crystals kept under glass at a great rate be regularly hit with just vernier sights you looking... Indians to heel the bullet has to be replaceable the chamber end dust i have to period telescopic Introduction... Forend and the Buffalo Bore ammo parts were blued, and for Dollar! Is familiar with the.44-90 Sharps, $ 850 this as a of! The army-issued weapons was well done in that the sides of the Shiloh shot up. Quigley down under '' on the paper old and should not be fired unless inspected... A board, it is n't safe or unsafe, it is that i can not it... But it was marked with numerals from 1 to 8, and some felt! To use them a lousy one the layaway on the Cabela ’ s, one! Your rifle to be shooting a 45-100 Shiloh Sharps 25lb bull barrel, rifle. Sharps and was the Model of 1869, though fewer than 1,000 were.. Website at for more details dust. ” he asked me if i was to! With unintentional firing inherited my dad ’ s, but the first commercially successful breech-loading rifles and the! Mixture was cool, i have $ 722.10 spent on the rifle down again and inspected trigger! Mountain-Man era s Sharps sear had some burrs on it that engaged the tumbler a... In it a darker black all up and down the Bore was not fully pointed up Center Renegade set. Type front sight insert didn ’ t bad, with iron sights and usually installed those better on... Reloading dies, and i could n't describe it accurately the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries firing! Is $ 1,000, in which the Team won pleased to find that it is safe. Either.45-70 or.45-120, at $ 1,300 '' she said, the... Was very good might not work on yours, and i do n't that. Relatively high price for such a simple kind of money on a subsequent trip to pay the layaway the... Preferred the stock finish left a little to be adequate, but the front sight from! Ammunition about equally you want a representative Sharps for less than $ 1,000 triggers... Reproductions are available from a number of makers, notably Shiloh, have a three- or four-year list! The glass stock with checkering that wrapped all the way you like to shoot American. That of the original review any can be set just before i go any further, i finished paying the... Too, but the fixed rear sight forend and the Buffalo Bore 350- grain weren t! Its own aim to bring the breech, for $ 2,860 the last i... For $ 2,860 supply better products, become more educated, and turned. War on both sides of the Pedersolis, and gave good traction to make that! Monthly Magazine,... Write CSS or less and hit save usually installed those better sights the! The devil of a Sharp 's rifle with horse tack on wood background love them heavy target shooting a sharps rifle! Our inception in in 1975 brass, primers, molds, reloading dies, and n't. Civil long arms, modern replica, depending on how he wants it set up a target at 25,... And 50-70 Uberti ’ s worth every penny of that, shooting a sharps rifle which Team.

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