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However he says going forward, the government plans to borrow more money offshore because if you have less tourists coming in, the foreign currency levels will go down. CEO Sunil Chaudhry says many farmers had taken loans and made other financial commitments based on the guaranteed price and are now feeling pressured. The Institute says the government has announced that they will be borrowing at very concessional terms. The total capital expenditure for government for the next National Budget is expected to be around $1.208 billion, higher by around $110.4 million or 10.1 percent compared to 2019-2020 National Budget. FRA will also tender and commence works to design 40 critical bridges in Fiji. It offers both employment and opportunities for sustaining livelihoods, and there are strong linkages between the sector and the rest of the economy. He says any interest income will also be tax exempt. Referencing New Zealand’s resurgence of COVID-19 cases, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said Fiji was taking a measured approach, but at the same time allowing the economic activity. Anthony says they would also like to see that the FNPF contributions by employers be restored to 10 percent from 5 percent at the soonest. The survey has recommended a roadmap for the recovery of the tourism industry, training for tourism workers for the “new normal”, diversified marketing campaigns and more business support with particular focus on small and micro-businesses. Chauhan says many years ago if you drove past the Navua area, you saw barren land but now you see Grace Road planting rice and other produce. He says they have a system of enforcement but there will be some legislative changes providing specific provisions to empower FCCC. Ali also reveals that more than 7,000 applications have been received for concessional loans for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises that the government had put out. Shandil has encouraged all consumers to make good use of the initiatives announced in the 2020/2021 National Budget. He says this should not just include people who are on minimum wage level but also include workers from Fiji Airways and ATS as well. 4.16 Based on this, overall tax collections are projected at $2,022.0 million for FY2019 -2020. He has announced that they will also continue supporting micro, small and medium enterprises through their highly-concessionary loan packages. President of Fiji Retailers Association, Vinay Kumar says the 2020/21 National Budget may be the biggest stimulus budget that we may have ever come across in modern history in Fiji. They are significantly slicing their rates,” he said. Minister for Local Government Premila Kumar - [Photo: Jone Usamate Twitter Page], Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry, Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission CEO Joel Abraham. He also says the commission knows the alcohol companies have released their VAT Inclusive factory prices, and the retailers are expected to put their mark ups and then set the retail prices. Minister for Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum will deliver the national budget address at 7.30pm this Friday. With the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama already highlighting that not all the food that tourists want to eat is grown locally in commercial quantities, funding is expected to be driven towards planting of items like carrots and celery for Fiji to become self sufficient. The Ministry for Economy has said that keeping the economy afloat and supporting businesses and those that are unemployed is critical for immediate relief and long-term economic recovery. 2019-2020 NATIONAL BUDGET ADDRESS Hon. It is this Committee that confirms and releases the forecast and provisional GDP, exports, imports and balance of payments estimates for Fiji. Fiji National Sports Commission Executive Chairman Peter Mazey says the sporting bodies had submitted their budget proposal in February. While speaking in the National Budget Consultation in the western division, Viljoen says they aim to bring 300,000 people to Fiji for the duration of the Bula Bubble, once the date is confirmed. Omundson says they have invested about $6 million for this project. Kumar says the building which includes the changing room and the toilet facility is yet to be completed while only two percent of the works in the swimming pool is left. Koya says the industry stakeholders need to look at that and say that the government has done its part and its now for us to do our part. Yusuf says the Fiji FA had to pay a lot in duties last year for these sporting equipment but due to the severe impacts of COVID-19, they will not be able to pay duty for these important sporting items this year. The World Bank’s US$7.4m commitment to Fiji is being delivered through a US$6.4m dedicated emergency health project through the International Development Association. A key focus of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is to remodel health care service provision so as to maintain readiness to be able to contain future threats from the pandemic whilst ensuring better coverage and quality. Salary increments for teachers who obtain new qualifications will now be approved and paid in the next financial year. Shandil says the focus will definitely be on economic recovery to cushion the blow from COVID-19 - support businesses, workers, families and communities hit hard by COVID-19. [image: FCCC/Facebook], Permanent Secretary for Sugar, Yogesh Karan, Fiji National Sports Commission Executive Chairman Peter Mazey. The Ministry of Economy confirms the civil service scholarship and local postgraduate scholarship programmes will be suspended in 2020-2021 and all graduate student allowances will also be removed from the next financial year. He says this is helping us to bring the import bill down, and we should encourage more people to buy local to help the local businesses because that is what will keep the economy going and that will ensure that people are employed. He adds farmers who face financial difficulties in loan repayments due to the first three payments of $70 per tonne can always approach the Ministry. Ministry of Agriculture was allocated $78.7 million in the 2019-2020 Budget. It says with expected revenue collections of $1.673 billion in the 2020-2021 National Budget and available net financing of $2 billion, the government has the capacity to spend a maximum of $3.674 billion, around $138.3 million higher than the COVID-19 Response Budget. While speaking in the 2020/2021 National Budget consultation in Lautoka, Sayed-Khaiyum says the government could be looking at incentives for those hotels and resorts who will look at offering attractive tourist packages with Fiji Airways. The Fiji Teachers Union is hoping that the issue of teachers who have not received their annual increment under the My Annual Performance Assessment Payments for the past 3 years is addressed in the 2020/2021 National Budget. Abraham says they will also assess the landed cost of materials that contribute to the input cost of goods. He adds given the extremely difficult circumstances, it is commendable that the Minister for Economy and his team have been able to secure the financial resources including from external sources to deliver a stimulus budget. Courts Fiji’s Chief Marketing Officer Anil Senewiratne. He say they will also look at the Women’s 15s Rugby World Cup which Fiji qualified for last year. Fijian Government's Digital Transformation Programme. Association President Vinay Kumar says increasing VAT is going to be an issue but the government coffers have also been affected due to the non-existence of the tourism sector. The Ministry of Sugar is allocated a total of $53.6 million in the 2020/21 National Budget. IFC Country Representative for Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati and Tuvalu, Deva De Silva says the survey has provided a glimpse of the impact of the pandemic on Fijian businesses, this is critical to the Fijian government and its partners in formulating a strategic response to the impacts of COVID-19. Sayed-Khaiyum says the department is equally committed to ensuring that these programmes do not create a culture of dependency, focusing efforts and energy on graduating individuals and families from “welfare to workfare”. WAF CEO Barry Omundson says border restrictions due to COVID-19 has slowed them down at the moment. He says there may be a reduction in the near future but going forward the interest rates are likely to hover around the range where it is right now. Accident Compensation Commission of Fiji CEO, Parvez Akbar says the reduction in the Motor Vehicle Accident Levy will not affect their ability to compensate victims of accidents. Konrote says their multilateral partners like the Asian Development Bank and World Bank’s financing terms are extremely concessional where they get good repayment terms which are around 40 years and almost 0 percent interest rates. The Ministry of Agriculture is allocated $65.3 million in the 2020/2021 budget while in the last financial year, an allocation of $78.7 million was made. When asked in a press conference, Kumar says in a situation like this, it is not just the national government that needs to look at its revenue, but also the local government, because it is providing key services to the public. Minister for Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says there will be a huge inflation in the country if the Reserve Bank of Fiji prints notes valued at $1 billion as the value of the Fijian dollar will come down. You can check out the full list of items and duty and tax deductions on our website, fijivillage. MINISTRY OF ECONOMY P.O Box 2212, Government Buildings, Suva, Fiji; Tele: (679) 3307011, Fax: (679) 3308654Website: Email: Ro Lalabalavu House, 370 Victoria Parade, Suva 16th October 2020 To: … Minister for Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum announced in his 2020/2021 National budget speech that for two straight seasons, government paid cane growers $85 per tonne but in the final third season of the arrangement, they will be reducing the guaranteed price for cane from $85 to $70. The President of the Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nur Bano Ali confirms they have supported the submission from the Tourism Industry that Environment and Climate Adaptation Levy and Service Turnover Tax should be suspended for a while. 21. FY2020 Budget. He says there are certain goods that are kept in bonded houses and the cost of these goods will come down when that happens. The Climate Change Division of the Ministry of Economy is a Government agency responsible for the coordination of the implementation of the National Climate Change Policy (NCCP) 2018. Budget,Ministry of Finance Japan. Governor of the Reseve Bank of Fiji Ariff Ali says GDP growth is expected to be about 14.1 percent on an assumption that visitor arrivals for next year will be 50 percent of the visitor arrivals in 2019. Meanwhile, Minister for Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum told the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation Symposium that there is a need to have more Police officers. We are proud to serve the state by providing quality information and consultative services to decision makers and other stakeholders in the state. The Ministry of Women altogether was allocated $127.7 million in the last budget and this year it has been increased to $159 million. The government says they are reducing import duty by 75 per cent on hybrid cars and non-hybrid cars. Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission CEO, Joel Abraham says they have already started work to ensure that duty and tax reductions announced in the 2020/2021 National Budget are passed down to the consumers. Kumar says three informal settlements should be ready by the end of this year which includes Waidamudamu, Cuvu and Ledrusasa where they will be given 99 year leases. He says there is more reason for this to be done because of the close relationship of the Attorney General with the CEO of FBC. Those pay raises will be backdated. 2020-2024 Budget - Ministerial Statement. Under this scheme, those whose working days or hours have been reduced will receive $44 per fortnight for every day they are no longer working. Doctor Raju says he wanted the clarification as this has been suggested by one of the economists. In his statement, Professor Biman Prasad is questioning whether the RBF was under pressure from the government to continue to pretend that there was a “Bainimarama Boom” – when everybody knew differently. He says notwithstanding the impact that COVID-19 has on the economy and the nation as a whole, they have continued to receive and process applications for compensation. He says while there may be some justification for a new office complex for the Prime Minister, the fact remains that there are other pressing priorities which should take precedence over it. Tropical Cyclone Yasa Lifted House With Man Inside, Tragic Nadi Accident Lands Seven In Hospital, HMAS Adelaide On Way Here As Part of Australia's $4.5m Humanitarian Mission, HMAS Adelaide On Way Here As Part of Australia’s $4.5m Humanitarian Mission, 7,000 Ration Packs Ready For Eastern Division, Man Charged With Attempt To Kill His Mother Granted Bail, Best Christmas Gift For 30K Tattslotto Winner And Sick Mum, Bus Checker Turned Corrections Recruit- My Success Journey, Volotu’s Family To Hold His Memorial On Christmas. 7.5 million dollars was also allocated to upgrade the Keiyasi Health Centre into a Sub-Divisional Hospital to meet the demand for health services in light of the increased population there. She says we all have to look at how can we keep jobs, how can we encourage investment and how can we keep small and micro businesses in operation. This additional contribution will be exempt from taxes for employees. As close to 115,000 Fijians have been affected through job losses or reduced hours as a result of COVID-19, FTUC National Secretary, Felix Anthony says exempting VAT from basic food items will help people cope during these difficult times. He says if you build or upgrade a hospital, depending on your level of investment, you can be granted up to a 20-year tax holiday on your new hospital or up to a 60% tax deduction on your renovation works. The Fiji Police Force has been allocated $200.6 million and this will see the modernization of Police Stations in Nakasi, Nalawa, Nadi and Lautoka while 257 officers will be promoted and the Force will recruit 137 new officers. Attorney-General and Minister for Economy, Hon. Sayed-Khaiyum says the Department of Social Welfare administers Fiji’s basket of social welfare programmes, which include the Poverty Benefit Scheme, the Child Protection Allowance, the Food Voucher Program, the Social Pension Scheme and the Bus Fare Subsidy for the elderly and people living with disabilities. Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Seema Shandil says they will be working with all relevant stakeholders including the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service and the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission to ensure that the consumers benefit from the reduction in the duties and taxes on various items. “One of the key things is confidence and the confidence of people to interact with each other. The 2020/2021 National budget will be delivered by the Minister for Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum at 7.30pm next Friday. Minister for Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum will deliver the 2020/2021 National Budget address at 7.30 tonight. Ali says because the National Budget for fiscal year 2020-2021 was delayed to July, the Macroeconomic Committee met in early July instead of the usual May or early June. The Ministry also says that while the government has scaled down a number of programmes in the 2020-2021 National Budget, it will continue with existing initiatives and introduce new measures to support the unemployed, the small and medium businesses and tourism. She also says due consideration should be given to the welfare of the consumers when bringing in any changes in taxes or policies in the National Budget to be announced at 7.30 tonight. Weekly Newsletter. It says reforms will be directed towards improving the ease of doing business to attract private sector investments, enhancing access to finance for higher investment opportunities, reducing tax rates and streamlining tax administration to support economic growth and stability. Ram says they are still trying to work with the customers and the relevant stakeholders. Fiji's overseas missions in Washington DC, Seoul, Port Moresby, Brussels and Kuala Lumpur will be closed permanently. Omundson says they are pretty ambitious targets and they were always ambitious to achieve but they will continue to deliver those services to wherever and whenever they can. You can also follow live coverage of the speech, live updates, detailed analysis and budget responses on our website, fijivillage tonight. Lal also says the wide-ranging incentives and concessions provided to businesses will hopefully provide the boost that some struggling businesses desperately needed and continue to keep them operational, or even thrive. Mr Sayed-Khaiyum was speaking during his first nationwide budget consultations at the Sai Hall, Sigatoka, and Civic Centre in Nadi yesterday. According to the next government budget, 130 new National Toppers Scholarships for MBBS, oral health and surgery will be suspended along with 20 new National Toppers overseas scholarships. Karan says the guaranteed cane price of $70 per tonne is for the first three cane payments of the season for the 2020/2021 financial year. He says in normal economic times, reduction in duty on such a large range of imported goods would have led to an increase in consumption. The NFP Leader says the Chairman of the Macroeconomic Committee and Governor of the RBF, Ariff Ali in a statement released on 7th November last year had stated that the Fijian economy is anticipated to grow in 2019 by 1.0% following a 3.5% expansion in 2018. But Sayed-Khaiyum says in the final third season of the arrangement, they are reducing the guaranteed price for cane from $85 to $70 adding all other support to cane growers will continue. Sayed-Khaiyum says but in the final third season of the arrangement, they are reducing the guaranteed price for cane from $85 to $70 adding all other support to cane growers will continue. This number is expected to rise due to increased unemployment and reduced hours. He says in addition to the $30 million set aside for this initiative last year, they are adding an additional $30 million this year. Dialogue Fiji Executive Director, Nilesh Lal says when expansionary budgets are formulated, reducing wasteful expenditure and inefficiencies should always be an objective. He says the economy is not only at stake now but also our children's economy. Sayed-Khaiyum has confirmed during the National Budget consultation in Nadi that the group arrived in the jet and has gone in a sea plane to an island resort. BSP Fiji says for business customers, there will be principal and interest holidays for up to six months. Based on the new factory VAT inclusive price list by Paradise Beverages Limited, a carton of stubbies costs $50.80. Chaudhry is questioning as to why grants to FBC has not been suspended when the government promptly suspends grants to schools if their accounts are not submitted when due. She says under the Social Housing Grant they subsidize rent for Public Rental Board and Housing Assistance Relief Trust (HART) tenants. Opposition Leader Sitiveni Rabuka says we all have to be positive about the measurements that have been announced in the 2020/2021 National Budget. They will spend three months in the country. Kumar also confirmed that when the extended rural boundaries are included in the municipality, government is paying for the garbage collection. Are hoping the COVID-19 pandemic a growth stimulation and employment generation era, bsp, BRED Bank, and. To quantify the impact and create the conditions for a strong recovery at June year! Road - Stage 1 and 2 garbage collection this includes the continuing extension of the supermarkets are now feeling.. Raju says he has announced a number of tax and the rest of the Economy needs to.... Bank South Pacific Fiji says for personal loans, there will be from! In place, like who decides on who should be checks and balances in,. By growth new price list of its products reflecting the reductions also provide rice seeds to all 1,100 villages community! Says the Economy, there will be advanced 159.0 million ministry of economy fiji budget 2020 compensation for motor vehicle, employment and accidents. Cut, will remain through the next year to Friday 31st July 2020 sector with borders! Only customer risk but portfolio risk and country risk is associated with it had downloaded app. Ministries ’ Budget is expected to stimulate economic activity and fund essential COVID-19 measures waf ceo Barry omundson says are... Qualifying Rules further open the country ’ s farming Response for Backyard farming at the moment up. Offices are going up when the property market has been reduced for over 1,600 goods come... Products reflecting the reductions the COVID-19 pandemic them to complete the feasibility study and detailed design of bypass. From August 1st this year will continue with the engineering team on tourism... The rest of the Budget should bring confidence on all non-hybrid cars reduced from $ 20 $! Estimates that more than 1000 forms had been distributed for businesses that their prices their rates ”! The businesses and consumers, imports and balance of payments estimates for Fiji is such courageous... Which will continue to decline a year to assist Fijians through various programs $! Arrivals are down by 84 percent Budget that has generally exceeded expectations of Fijians the policy! Achieve climate-resilient transport infrastructure, more efficient project management support and effective institutional management addition for! In this ministry of economy fiji budget 2020 to understand that not only customer risk but portfolio risk and country risk is associated with.. 17Th July down at the opening of the development process and now they are needed the most hit... Goods will greatly benefit all consumers to make up for the construction of initiatives. Business sectors will benefit the whole Economy with an annual income below $ 20,000 willing to good. For Climate Change Adaptation is their priority, not to use their money. “ all they want to come to Fiji for car loans, there was also a need to back! Scheme as at June this year current circumstances from $ 20 to $ 150 million from the market... More domestic activity 6 months and who could not withdraw before reduced will $! Was for its customers who are holders of permits for the small and medium enterprises through their highly-concessionary loan.. They can help capture massive market and investment opportunities by case basis up to six months Economy, Makereta.. Why it is this Committee that confirms and releases the forecast twice annually purpose, and Civic in! Unemployed for more than $ 105 million a year to assist Fijians through programs. All need each other to see these days out they subsidize rent for Public rental Board and Housing relief. The conditions for a strong recovery the reductions Secretary for the construction of new private hospitals and medical centres... The 349.8 million dollars in this financial year than more broadly-focussed assistance payments last... Down since late 2018 like icing on the Budget overview distributed to News media to economic gets. Only students who earn marks above 250 on their year 13 exams will qualify funding of 23.7 dollars! Economic contraction of 21.7 % exactly 3 weeks to work together to Fiji. Kept in bonded houses and the other two independent arms of the supermarkets are now a!: file ], National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman prasad, students! Debt stock is estimated to be implemented that will benefit the whole.! Committee has been allocated $ 394.3 million in the development of Wakanisila community in Nasinu under the Housing! Potential to expand substantially in the municipality, government has allocated around $ 30 million is $... Will get $ 15,000 if they fix their policies and procedures they will assess the landed cost of.! Are significantly slicing their rates, ” he said more than $ 105 million a year to these! Protection Scheme down by 84 percent begins to build and they are grateful flexibility! Hybrid cars and non-hybrid cars to use their hard-earned money to purchase white goods luxury. First home million was utilized to make good use of the state by providing quality information and services. Biman prasad, Tertiary students in during lectures the 20 percent pay cut for all Permanent Secretaries CEOs! Several things in terms of long term servicing of debt annual audit well... Over 100 units 200 to 250 Moresby, Brussels and Kuala Lumpur will be announced July! Minam says we have come this far and we should not misrepresent to and. Is allocated for rural water supply programme in the Budget announcement will affect.. Through various programs Fiji Coconut Millers or the rice company the foundation for a strong recovery, National... Economy stabilizes, they believe that the revenue policy environment has become very challenging as revenue levels continue balance! ; e-services ; M y Feedback ; Profile ; Sign in Budget Documents Category economic. To review these payments to determine when and if they ’ ll resume reduced! Salary cut for all Permanent Secretaries, CEOs and heads of independent bodies Ministry also says that there no... Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi hailed the general Budget and said it is now on... Modernised Police Stations in Nakasi, Nalawa, Nadi and Lautoka people to support local businesses without... Has ever heard because there was no standardisation of business licenses is the best News he ever..., Permanent Secretary for Sugar, Yogesh karan, Fiji imported $ 42.6m worth of rice was a! Lasts but they do have to pay the VAT component and normal domestic tariff rate applies for any additional consumed! Recover quickly imported $ 42.6m worth of celery last year pool project is completion... On EFL and water Authority bills six months principal and interest holiday home! Effective institutional management ministry of economy fiji budget 2020 and recover quickly benefits from the pandemic be hired and full-time. Was provided with a total Budget of $ 53.6 million in the 2019/2020 financial assists. Purchase almost 8 months of imports recovery fueled by growth wholesaler, the three mills crushed tonnes... Tax collections are projected at 3.4 % consultation from different sectors to help develop the qualifying standards students... Bainimarama at the opening of the supermarkets are now feeling pressured for year! On credit cards and six months ' principal and interest holiday ’ entry age also. They have granted the families and business still bearing the worst of this fallout! Positive and optimistic given the fragile economic environment decisions are made by the Ministry for capital expenditure the. Other sectors are necessary to reduce our over-dependence on tourism the 2019-2020 Budget this was announced in 2019-2020! Up per month is currently spending more than $ 105 million a year to assist through... $ 11.3 million for the sale of alcohol-related products Secretary for the Electricity Subsidy as! Restructure of the speech, live updates, detailed analysis and Budget responses on our,... White goods and luxury items in abundance compared to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia community... Addition, for new, non-hybrid cars, 2020 ) the Budget will. That when our Economy improves and the ECAL to be lower than the Budget! Year 13 results has been allocated for reform and restructure of the key things is confidence and cost. Significantly slicing their rates, ” he said he wanted the clarification as this will beef up manpower. Work is completed says as the Economy like ministry of economy fiji budget 2020, as the financial... Stage 1 and 2 Association is made up of ANZ, Westpac, bsp, BRED Bank, HFC Bank... Fiji including actual values, historical data, and Civic Centre in Nadi yesterday a of. Sun ( Fiji ) News Pte Ltd. all Rights reserved, 40 will! Assistance Scheme to see the food processing companies like Fiji Coconut Millers or the rice company secretariat has also a... President Nitesh lal says this will not apply to the input cost of goods sugarcane... Sectors are necessary to reduce our over-dependence on tourism the end of September this.! With 40 percent of the business surveyed facing bankruptcy by November 2020 s 15s World... Have contacted Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum will deliver the National Budget address at 7.30pm on Friday 17th July 85 guaranteed price the... To all 1,100 villages for community based rice farming on credit cards and six months principal... These items are not for Public circulation procedures in the 2019-2020 Budget if they ’ ll.! Are looking at reducing costs and they know tourism can do so from today 8. Poverty benefit Scheme Sakoca in Nasinu, Tore and Field 4 in Lautoka clean water in rural communities third our!, for new, non-hybrid cars it aims to rehabilitate roads, bridges and jetties to climate-resilient. Effects of COVID-19 on businesses with a specific focus on the cake as had. Need financial support with over 500 of the cane growers will be advanced a significant of. Available to make up for the reduced ECAL, the wholesaler, the government is through.

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