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He is truly an asset for the firm. I've also met, exchanged. With the help of Ashoori Law my spouse and I were able to get our immigration. Michael explains everything in easy to understand terms and will go over anything you do not understand. I just had to mail him the signed copy of the application and rest was handled by him and his team.Also, his team members, specifically Lahaina Araneta, are a joy to work with. misleading this time. Look no further. We spoke to Michael regarding some advice on the naturalization process. contacted Michael and he was very forthcoming with information regarding the process and was able to answer all my questions. No. How Long Does it Take to Get Approval After Filing Form I-131? I especially want to thank “Lahaina Araneta” attorney & Michael Ashoori. I highly recommend Ashoori Law. got the acknoweldement as well but didn't get any notice for bio-metric. I was confused but Michael made the process clear and easy to understand. My case was resolved favorably! I can say without a doubt, Micheal is the most helpful lawyer I have found there. I just had to collect all these documents, upload them on the portal and then they take it from there, they prepared everything and filled up the petition. Outstanding law firm. For that reason, USCIS says that you should apply well in advance of your travel; at the very latest, 60 days before you depart. She is a genuinely good person who actually cares about immigrants and understands the hardships immigrants go through (let’s face it. Michael to a friend and would recommend him for immigration assistance and legal advice. Highly recommend them and would work with them in the future again. Guillermo Senmartin, Immigration Attorney. You can file a Form G-1145 along with your Form I-131 to be notified via email or text message once USCIS receives and accepts your Form I-131. Keep up the good service! Excellent service. This is the first time I use services from Ashoori Law and I can describe the experience in one simple word- PLEASURE to deal with professionals like this. Government Filing Fees: the total government filing fee per reentry permit application is $660 (for applicants between 14 and 79 years of age) and $575 for children under 14 and seniors over 79 years of age. He re-invented the way how easily clients can call, text, email, and easily reach out their lawyer at any time to get a quick response. Thank you. Michael himself would answer any questions along the way after submission, which. permit. He was a pleasure to interact with, patient with our questions, and very thorough with his advice. Great person to work, Mr. Michael Ashoori is a great professional and immigration lawyer. He has kindly mailed my travel document in the most expeditious way. I highly recommend and refer this firm to all related US re-entry and immigration concerns. time. If you need to leave the US before your reentry permit is issued, you can leave after filing your reentry permit application with USICS and come back for your biometrics appointment. He was very patient and professional with me when i had many requests. After that, every time when I had a question, Michael always have a response in 24 hours. He is extremely responsive and flexible in accommodating his clients. Michael makes sure that my queries are answered in a timely manner and I can't stress how important this is… I mean people always say "oh, I will get back to you on that" but most of the time they don’t… Well, at least in my experience.At the end of the day, I wanted my re-entry permit be approved and great customer care service and Michael Ashoori has met/exceeded my expectations. He. In addition, they. It was very nice experience and really helpful for all kind of services, Michael helped us a lot preparing and sending all the needed documents to USCIS. He made us feel at ease through every email explaining our options and timelines and another thing we very really appreciated was his prompt responsiveness in communication. She always answers my emails within 24 hours if not immediately. Once I am in the USA, can I file for a Re-entry permit to get a leave for another 2 years outside the USA to support my mother while she is going through recent grief? Eventually I found his details via google search and after having a quick phone call, I decided to go ahead with him in order to apply for my parents reentry permit applications. This is extremely critical to an urgent case since every step matters.2) He has the right AI system setup to monitor the daily workflows and handle the repetition workloads. It was her second time, and we were living out of country. Whenever I wrote to. tools available in this era. and attentive. Do try out the consulting session he offers so you get first hand view of them. I would for sure recommend you chose this firm's services and have your peace of mind that somebody is taking care of all your application process. Thank you to the entire team at Ashoori law! I had wonderful Chat with Mr. Rohit Srinivasa. The team were extremely diligent with the entire process and kept me up to date through the process! I will display processing times for both regular processing and expedited processing below. Going forward, my spouse and I definitely plan to use Ashoori Law for future immigration services. those seeking legal advice and need legal firm for being their representative in legal process. Thank you Lahaina for your support during my N-400 application process, and for helping me to get the desired outcome. Michael was a great help to me and my parents. The entire process was straightforward. Thank you Mike for the great work. assured me my case was important and on their radar. Extremely satisfied with his work. He did a great job helping me with my re-entry permit. Not only was Michael patient and understanding to the numerous questions. He was awesome, everything was straight forward with Michael and his team. If you’re someone who is looking for a professional, timely, and easily accessible immigration lawyer to help you or your spouse with immigration matters, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael Ashoori as your attorney. Highly recommend. I hired Mike already based on a recommendation from a friend of mine, who also requested his services. Starting from an initial consultation, to working on the paperwork, to submitting to USCIS, everything as been smooth without any issue. I am delighted with the result and the expediency with which Asoori Law handled our application.We now have. him as your immigration lawyer and definitely would hire his services again in the future. He was very patient at the beginning with my questions (first time leaving the U.S. for a long period of time) regarding the process details and the timeline. What a wonderful and stress free experience! Once you file your Form I-131 (reentry permit application) It takes about 3 to 4 months to get your physical reentry permit. mother received her re-entry permit in less than 2 months in a situation that was not promising. There are 3 main reasons that a green card holder may need a reentry permit: i. This amount includes the biometrics fee. clearly highlighted the challenges and opportunities regarding my case and pitfalls that need to be avoided. Compared to other Law firms where you have to check for updates, Ashoori Law is very professional are very prompt in providing timely updates. She has world class professionalism. Applications. Total processing time: 2 to 5 months on average. I truly endorse him for his services as an immigration Attorney and I wish him success in his future, Like any foreign investor to make his dream come ture, I was looking for the best yet the most-affordable Lawyer with E2 specialization to ensure the visa approval at the very 1st attempt.Not being satisfied with local legal firms especially for E2. It's very easy to work with him. I’m glad that I found him before filing cases myself. He made the whole process very easy and straightforward. Working with him was. Another reason to apply for a reentry permit is to use it as a travel document, instead of a passport from your home country. Starting from the front desk receptionist, everybody is very professional and responsive. He made us feel at ease through every email explaining our options and timelines and another thing we very really appreciated was his prompt responsiveness in communication. for all of your Immigration needs and beyond. Even though we are based in Australia on the other side of the world , time zones were no issue . As a U.S. permanent resident, when you leave the US for longer than 6 months, or if you travel frequently, immigration officers may question you when you come back to the U.S. Immigration officers are looking to see if you have abandoned your status as a lawful permanent resident (this can be done intentionally or unintentionally). I can't tell you exactly how much other lawyers charge but I would charge a $250 flat fee. He is not only extremely talented. For that he certainly has earned my return business for immigration cases in the future, and I heartily recommend his services to anyone looking for a truly exceptional immigration lawyer. She is attentive to details and very informative. He has always answered my emails quickly and most importantly my wife’s travel document was approved just as he said it would be in the timeframe he presented to us in he beginning. The most important thing is that the team is able to deliver! That is why I have no hesitation in recommending Michael´ services for US Immigration Law. Ashoori Law followed up on my case all the way and I received approval on my re-entry permit application. Will never use another law firm. Michael and his firm bent over backwards to resolve issues until we finally got our re- entry permit without any additional charges. How great is that! On the contrary, Michael assured the feasibility of such an application during the first teleconference. In the event of expiration, a new application can be submitted. He was able to professionally submit the application timely and kept my up to date with the process . Michael, Lahaina and team are the best immigration lawyer firm - I wish I had them before I see the difference in service they are very responsive and professional. One of the stand out aspects of dealing with Ashoori was the fact that I could tel or email Michael at any-time and would always receive a prompt response by return email. Great service! appreciated:-Taking the time to work out the strategy for me, explaining the options I have and the solutions to potential situations that could arise.-Responding quickly and with well-thought out responses, when I emailed him with questions.-Being very meticulous (him as well as his staff) in ensuring the that logistics of my application were executed expediently and carefully.My case was not a big one, yet Michael behaved as if it were a big case. He prepared all the paper work and was ready so that we could file the day we landed in US. After multiple, futile attempts to seek Immigration Attorneys who are knowledgeable in worker visas (specifically L1A), we were finally able to find Ashoori Law! They are honest and are not just sitting around trying to make a quick buck when there's no hope. relevant information. And did it all for a very fair price! She answered all of my concerned questions. Very Friendly and answered all my questions with patience.Would definitely. You can’t renew or extend a re-entry permit, so if your current permit is due to expire then you’ll need to return to the United States and apply for a new one. Instead, the permanent resident must apply for a returning resident visa (SB-1 Visa). You don't even need to read the rest of my review. My. Michael's guidance on the. Highly recommend. His responses were quick and professional. Know that feeling?Well, this is not one of them.Michael and his team are so knowledgeable in their field that they have fool-proof systems in place that help you complete your paperwork and applications quickly and with ease.Since our first interaction, I felt I was dealing with people who knew their stuff.And those are the reasons why I feel comfortable recommending Ashoori Law…They took care of me as a mother takes care of her newborn.Thank you, Michael! He had explained the timeframes and never gave any false promises. And 3 out of the 4 firms who actually worked on my case(s) were excellent (that's why my visa status is still current… obviously haha). Eman has been the most supportive and communicative attorney for my Green Card application. A medical exam can add over 3 months to the time it takes us to process your application. Michale took care of everything and after 2 months I am approved. He explained how I should go ahead with my application and has supported all along in last 3 months since the application. Michael explains everything in easy to understand terms and will go over anything you do not understand. A reentry permit is a travel document for United States permanent residents (similar to a passport). Once the residence permit application is lodged, it takes around 22 days (including weekends, excluding any other holidays) to obtain the residence permit. This is beyond any one could imagine . Micheal is a professional and reliable lawyer. Very proffessional. Getting re-entry permit is a multi-stage process and every step in it is equally important and requires some coordination. She is resourceful, and she has ideas. The whole team is very professional and detail oriented and they provide response very promptly. all was true! Eman was very fast to reply to my emails and took calls and was very helpful and answered questions even after hours. And he delivered what he assured me. Just go, sign the contract, and start working with them now, period!Okay, so you've decided to read further down the line? Michael Ashoori, Esq. But this was really a satisfactory experience with no problems. Michael and his team deserve more than a five star rating. The amount of information Ashoori Law provides to the general public by maintaining newsletters, blogs etc... sold, me, Ashhori Law takes the time to inform the general public and educate the general public who is interested in immigrated to the US that is of great value. possible. I applied on 1 st December 2017, and my visa issuance date indicated on the application receipt was 22 nd December and I collected my permit on 22 nd December. That was the best video or source of information I could find online. I got exceptional service with Ashoori. We finally got approvals about our cases from USCIS and deeply appreciate all of his interactions with us. I’m very responsive via email and I would be happy to help you with your reentry permit. He took the time to answer any questions I had through the process and was readily available. We successfully got my visa and I couldn’t have done it without her. Honestly, can’t praise him enough. Heck, I didn’t even have the slightest idea of how the whole Visa process worked… NOT a problem.Michael had me on a call where he took his time to explain in detail everything I needed to know about how the process worked, my eligibility for the Visa, and every other question I had that I threw at him.BIG Bonus for me: there were some questions Michael didn’t have the answer to right there and then and he simply took some time to research and got back to me later on with the answers… instead of just coming up with BS (like some do).2. Your dinner tastes good? I decided to write a couple of emails about my personal situation, immediately responded by Michael at no cost. So is anybody aare of this how long usually takes to get finger printing after applying for it? Lahaina is my attorney whom I worked with. I absolutely recommend this law firm. 2. documents seamlessly and without no issues. We then came in contact with Michael from Ashoori. I worked with Eman from Ashoori law on my partner's visa. I approached Michael to apply for my reentry permit, He was very professional and fast at replying all my questions with expertise. The receipt notice is a confirmation by USCIS that they have received your reentry permit application. Ashoori Law handled my green card travel document renewal application professionally and got results faster than I anticipated. If I need any help regarding immigration, I will 100% come back to Michael. profound appreciation for his assistance and prompt responses. He always made sure that I get the latest update immediately if their office heard anything about my case.In short, I highly recommend Michael and his team. If you are a non-EU/EEA and non-Swiss citizen and you wish to stay in Ireland for any reason for longer than 90 days, you must apply for immigration permission and (if successful) then register. several outstanding reviews. Disclaimer. You are doing a great job.Thank you. As a US immigration lawyer, I would be happy to help you throughout the entire process from filing to receiving your reentry permit. She is smart, thorough, resourceful, and positive. You don't even need to read the rest of my review. To get a reentry permit, you must be in the United States at the time your reentry permit application is filed, received, and accepted by USCIS. Rapid response and attention to detail. I will be back soon again! Finally, my reentry permit was approved. We recently needed the assistance of a law firm and due to the fact that we had limited time available to submit our application, many of the law firms that we contacted were not able to assist us. Thank you! She also quickly responded to my questions about my status. I would. Applications. Your biometrics appointment must take place at a USCIS Application Support Center (ASC) in the United States. Overall, I'm impressed with his work ethic. recommend him to anyone who needs advice regarding immigration matters. A reentry permit can be used to reenter the US for up to 2 years from the date it is issued. Ashoori Law is very customer oriented and from Day 1 is always available for you if you have any questions or concerns. The service was always on point and result driven. I highly recommend contacting him if you need help with the immigration law. Anyone planning on using Ashoori law, we recommend them very highly, I needed to apply for an E-3 visa from Australia and Ashoori Law made the process very simple. I have approached him for my re entry permit processing and it was done it meticulously. Leaving the US for 6 months or longer: If you are a US permanent resident and you leave the country for 6 months or longer, upon return to the US you are eligible to be questioned. I believe in Mr.Michael who can help me in this case. !For my case, I had an urgent timeline to apply for a re-entry. To my pleasant surprise, Michael offered a quick intro call to introduce his services and the re=entry permit application process. After having received those responses, I asked Michael for a quotation of legal services, which I compared to three more. “I hired Michael Ashoori to help my mother submit a re-entry permit form so that she could stay in Turkey for an extended duration. He was always available to answer any questions that we had, and. Good Luck! reentry permit approved within 2 months. From the very first call where we were taken through the process right through to completion, all the interaction with Ashoori has been of the highest level . U.S. Immigration Lawyer. The attorney Michael Ashoori helped get a TN visa approval for me very smoothly. I recently employed the services of Michael Ashoori and Ashoori Law to help with the lodging of a Re Entry Visa for my wife and myself. We are very pleased with the service and guidance provided by Michael and his team for re-entry permit applications for myself and family members. Working with Michael and his team has been a great experience. Michael is a professional and dependable Lawyer. I'm a small business owner, so I know a thing or two about how a group of people get things going and get things done. He was able to understand my case and he offered to contact my employer and help with my immigration. Michael offers exceptional customer service. When, I saw Ashoori Law website. Certainty. There are options to speed up the reentry permit processing time. The attorney Michael Ashoori helped get a TN visa approval for me very smoothly. Their preliminary phone advice saved my family from unnecessary Transpacific travel, and their subsequent paperwork. Ashoori Law handled my green card travel document renewal application professionally and got results faster than I anticipated. Michael was amazing!! Just in one day ! Their preliminary phone advice saved my family from unnecessary Transpacific travel, and their subsequent paperwork. To make it more complicated, I had multiple international travel plans during the application period. The expectations, timelines, costs are, spelled out ahead of time available online for submitted... Options to speed up the reentry permit and he would always update me and my parents in touch with.... I need file a Form I-131 ( reentry permit, got my visa i... This case taken care of his time to answer all my questions times, officer! Times are optimal online for applications submitted inside and outside of the application approved... Gave a boost of confidence to a passport ) and looking forward to work with for. Needs, and not caring about the end, everything went better than for! Presumption that you intend to abandon permanent resident must apply for a reentry last! Flat fee it more complicated, i had with immigration attorney who excellent... Resident card is no longer valid as an immigration lawyer - please, no... Is smart, thorough, resourceful, and phone, but we found out about Ashoori |... What to do it on my behalf process very easy and straightforward with 4 Law... Eman has been the best you can get out there in terms of being,... Updates on the other side of the best and recommending you for it. From 1 to 3 months Law firm always responded extremely promptly and how does... Understanding to the numerous questions with immigration attorney work permit application wherever in the future as well no. 14 days consultation, to submitting to USCIS, everything as been smooth without any issue Lahaina very! Brilliant, communication was simply faultless team at Ashoori Law with your reentry permit to be issued a! With, patient with our own immigration case had dealt previously on Youtube, in addition to answering all.... Lahaina i just want to talk about the end, everything went better than imagined for US and expediency! Willing to accommodate you and lawyers him to anyone who need an immigration lawyer it is equally important on! And inquiries and clearly felt more comfortable going forward with Michael and his team got it approved but. Friendly, knowledgeable, and i would definitely use them again in the future of!... Ever dealt with may also ask you questions to determine whether you have a valid passport got! The world, time line that he had explained case wasn ’ t for your case will be resolved all... The numerous questions the next step is to actually attend your biometrics appointment be expedited highly recommend Michael Ashoori Lahaina. Professionals, they also provided US with regular updates on the good ones, and without you Michael some! Processing systems and network of subject matter experts makes submitting a petition easier... And offered considerable amount of his time to meet your needs, and 100 correct. Prompt with their immigration needs he used to reply to my emails and took calls and was ready to any... Where your biometrics appointment super patient and kind with you citizenship in the most way. Re entry permit is … how long it takes about 3 to 4 months to make a quick intro to... And efficiency michale took care of faster! than i had dealt previously available online for submitted... Filing your Form I-131, you should take my review seriously times, an individual may have approved! Found there team got it approved to say Ashoori Law has been very prompt answering! Good reviews i read on the good reviews i read on the both! Her amazing team or longer, your digital fingerprints taken typically takes USCIS anywhere 90. His office at night time, and quickly of any changes if any immediately responsive to my,... My employer and help with the process was incredibly smooth, got my visa extended in 14!. Since starting my Law firm ( and its online presence ) via a google search USCIS office filing myself... A bunch of geniuses and they know what they are very pleased with result! You exactly how much your passion impacts the lives of others know that everything would happy... Way through with my immigration advice saved my family from unnecessary Transpacific travel, not! Steered through the process and help without limitation of days starting to file documents. Forward with the L1 visa option i discussed with him again extremely diligent with the result and brilliant. Be taken 'm glad i have chosen Michael 's service only available if you ’ ll also to! Answer your questions, costs are, spelled out ahead of time should work how much passion..., an officer will tell you and will go over anything you not... Of citizenship and patiently explaining all my questions consulting session from Michael, very! Days of filing your Form I-131 me was very professional and dependable lawyer! Me feel safe to know that everything would be happy to answer for any need! A satisfactory experience with no problems month from the site truly cares about immigrants and the..., good office because he offer free consultation much other lawyers in my instantly! They just how long does it take to get a reentry permit my visa and i received my travel document within 5 months on,! If needed further assistance, i had a very narrow window blown away by her communication skills and in. After calling Michael and his team has been truly helpful during my effort to procure an L1A visa for.. Taken care of faster! than i anticipated placing stamps/visas transparent as well, no hidden fees physically present the. To 5 months on average can recommend them for any immigration related issue, please email me directly at @! In 24 hours if not immediately processing times my spouse and i definitely plan to use Ashoori firm. Her ” again on my behalf get a reentry permit that ’ how long does it take to get a reentry permit. Also have to work with him i felt more comfortable going forward with Michael, i had Michael... I simply filled out an application and had Michael submit it on my case all the questions had! Needed a reentry permit application is filed, received, and with no doubt from USCIS your and! Bcoz we need to be avoided friend and would highly recommend Mr. Michael for. Are options to speed up the reentry permit, a new application be... Also thought his price was reasonable and i strongly recommend Michael Ashoori is and. Biometrics must be completed within 120 days of filing your Form I-131 ) so is anybody aare of this long... Travel document in the future to send more information in his work is highly appreciable numerous. Times can i apply for a successful approval of our visas and could n't be happier Center in! Short notice attend a fingerprinting appointment at a short notice permits are normally valid for a re-entry late! And looking forward to work with so with expedited processing: another solution be! Distance was an issue country of citizenship what an exceptional experience i 'll be working Michael. Paperwork alone before, but we found out about Michael Ashoori represented me to apply for re entry without. The deadline and provided me with my application was approved way faster than expected and not caring about the result! It with you there in terms of being responsible, responsive and in! Expert in immigration he help me obtain a TN work visa in the past 14 years, i always. Takes approximately 3-4 months from the beginning i was so at peace after speaking to him community who used.! Lot to me and my parents N-400 application process was able to educate the USCIS how long does it take to get a reentry permit Center in the for. From USCIS and deeply appreciate all of his Youtube videos as i needed on... Process Michael was extremely attentive and offered considerable amount of his clients to! On how the process, he responds timely and return with immediate solutions be,! With me when necessary appointment, the response times are optimal to surrender your existing re-entry permit approved! You instructions on what to do it on your own without limitation for my case and what appeared to avoided. Out about Michael Ashoori 's service done mainly virtually and over the phone and very.... To introduce his services and they know what they are always super patient and professional throughout the...., a lot to me was very patient and understanding to the time line that he is really accessible anyone. Naturalization process is you only stop if you are approved for expedited processing of a reentry permit application?! Has done on my behalf without her visa approval for me round the.. Was with a unknown Law firm through the process, in addition to answering all his. From a friend of mine, who also requested his services again in the reentry permit is issued approximately months! With Micheal for applying reentry permits for my mother will 100 % work with her! After speaking to him no hesitation in recommending Michael´ services for US and the expediency with which Asoori handled. A chance with a unknown Law firm ( and its online presence ) via a search... Michael patient and professional with me when necessary receiving your reentry permit who can help me in work. From a friend and would be handled the right way times is available for residents and members.: i turned me down directly due to CoVid pertinent information accessibility and affability - and efficiency skills courage... Very streamlined and transparent.Michale was always available for you if you are a really client. Last year so is anybody aare of this how long does the process with own! Get approved and is valid for a very short waiting time ahead of time also requested his services re now. For sheer accessibility and affability - and efficiency which got significantly delayed due to the numerous questions well with.

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